English practice TEST

Practice English Grammar Tests for B2

with answers

Questions forms; Subject and object questions

Present tense review

Past tense review

Making comparisons

Relative clauses

Present perfect and past simple

Modals of ability and possibility

Future (1): plans and intentions

Future (2): predictions

The passive

Present perfect continuous

Zero and first conditionals

Reported statements

Reported questions and requests

have something done; get someone to do something

Second conditional: would, could and might; if only and wish

Modals of deduction: present

Third conditional wish + past perfect

Modals of deduction: past

-ing forms; Participle clauses

Simple, continuous or perfect

Present perfect simple and continuous

The grammar of phrasal verbs

Modals (1): necessity, obligation, prohibition and advice

Present and past habits

be/get used to

Narrative tenses

Future (1): review

Future (2): continuous and perfect

Modals (2): modals in the past

Relative clauses

The passive (1): review; Causative have/get


The passive (2): other structures

Reported speech

Modals (3): deduction

Conditionals (1): review

Conditionals (2): mixed

Uses of verb + -ing

Subject-verb agreement

— Multiple-choice —

Word Order


Present Tenses

Past Tenses

Future Tenses

Passive Voice

Confusing Words

Phrasal Verbs

Irregular Verbs

Linking Words



Gerunds and Infinitives

Noun + preposition


Adjective + prepositions


Some, any, a lot of, many, much

Expressing Hypothetical

Word Formation

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