English practice TEST

Practice English Vocabulary Tests for B2

with answers

Education: phrasal verbs, -ion nouns

Music phrases; Verb + infinitive/-ing with a change in meaning

Verbs of communication; Phrasal verbs: relationships

Natural disasters: verbs; too … to, so … that, such … that

Video gaming: verbs; Nouns: -ness and -ment

Food and drink: phrasal verbs; Forming adverbs with -ly

Fiction: adjectives and nouns

Holiday activities; Phrasal verbs: travel

Money; a/the number of

Household tasks; be allowed to, let and make

Technological advances; Adjective suffixes

Personality adjectives; Adjective and noun suffixes

Reporting nouns; Reporting verbs

Accidents and emergencies; have, make and give + noun

Facial expressions -self, -selves for emphasis

Climate change; Alternatives to if

Adjectives describing art; Verbs often used in the passive

Personal qualities: nouns; Phrasal verbs with get

Crime and criminals; Negative prefixes

Places; Compound adjectives ending in -ing

Arts and media; Creative jobs

Personality: adjective + preposition, verb + preposition

Abstract nouns; Phrasal verbs: learning and thinking

Stress; Phrasal verbs: health

History; Expressing frequency

Expressing emotion; Adverbs: type and position

Verbs of movement and sounds; Time phrases

Community; as if / as though

Collocations; Adjective and noun suffixes

Phrases with in, out of, at, by; Extended meaning of words

Phrasal verbs: relationships; Compound adjectives

Verbs of communication both, either, neither

Opinions and beliefs; Plural nouns

Leadership and achievement; Phrasal verbs with up

Phrasal verbs: transport ; Reporting verbs

Global issues: nouns and verbs; Phrases with in

Advertising: nouns and verbs; Adverb + adjective

Phrasal verbs: the media

The world of work; Word pairs

Idioms; Commonly confused words

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