English practice TEST

Practice English Reading Tests for A2

– multiple matching
– multiple choice

— multiple matching —

Jobs we’d like to do

School boat festival

Our free-time activities

School cooking competition

Part-time jobs

Favourite places

Learning for fun

How important are museums to you?

Three great TV shows

What’s your hobby?

We love London

Computer games


A dancer’s life

A great science teacher

My favourite book

How three young people became DJs

My trip to Rome

Three great campsites to try this summer

How I became a tennis coach

— multiple choice —

Joining a ballroom dancing club

Travel writer

My city

Jack Calder

A wonderful year

A path across Canada

Rebecca Miles – wildlife presenter

Callie Rice – ice dancer

How I spend my free time

A round-the-world trip

My Love for Photography

My fashion blog

The Greek Waiter

A young cheesemaker

Playing music

Juan Sala – underwater scientist and film-maker!

Peter Minor and his ideas factory!

Buddy, the Red Panda

We want to be stars!

Joe Brown: being a writer

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