English practice TEST

Practice English Reading Tests for B2

– multiple choice
– gapped text
– multiple matching

— multiple choice —

World Book Day – the test teen reads

A Memorable Experience

La Mercè Festival

Teenagers and parents – it’s the same old story

Survival adventure camp

Hotels of the future

A varied career

The fake hairdresser remembers

Moving house

The reluctant hero

A hop, skip and a jump away

Trip to Scotland

My fastest ever plane ride

Wildlife cameraman

Night flight

Cycling Home from Siberia

Pen Hadow – polar explorer

An extract from a novel

Distance learning

A lot can happen in a year abroad

An extract from a novel 2

The actor Daniel Radcliffe

— gapped text —

Open-air teaching In Germany


Giving advice

How to write a good blog

Making mountaineering history

Taking part in the Young Businessperson scheme

In defence of women’s boxing

Go skating in Sweden this winter

Going up in a glider

I run up mountains

The airport photographer

Would you turn off your engine, please?

Paddle power

I’m the last speaker of my language

College students need their sleep!

Just because I’ve been on holiday doesn’t mean I have to be happy

Puffins in peril

Inline Skating

Has one of the mysteries of the ancient pyramids been solved?

Working as a TV news producer

The ultimate green home: the WWF’s new headquarters

Can we control our dreams?

Have we lost the ability to focus on a single task?

— multiple matching —

Four teenage business stars

Lessons for life

Reviews of famous autobiographers who wrote about being teenagers

Dream jobs

TV documentaries

Teenage success stories

Advertising in public places

A good walk

Starting your own business

What’s the best advice your father ever gave you?

I love my bike

Future-Friendly Awards

Solo travel in Australia

For the record

Adventure guides

Four books about sleep

The Marshmallow Test

Canaletto and Venice

Friends again

Living with tourism

My new bicycle

My university

Four of the world’s best beaches

Jessica Ennis: heptathlon Olympic champion

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