English practice TEST

Practice English Reading Tests for B1

– matching
– multiple choice
– multiple-choice gapped text

— matching —

Department stores

Art Courses

Film studios

Reviews of animated films

Geography websites



Jobs Available

Local activities

Fitness activities

Properties to rent

TV programmes

Restaurant reviews

Film and documentary reviews

Popular local shops

What’s on this weekend?

Our top eight cafés

Mobile central

Film reviews

Great birthday venues

— multiple choice —

Karina Moore – teenage high diver!

Whale-watching trip

Our school newspaper


Cross-country skiing in Sweden

Our Great Ocean Road adventure

How she gets a good night’s sleep

Buddy Jones, musician

Robert Taylor talks about his new art show

Jon Leverson talks about working in comedy

Headteacher Mary Collins talks about healthy school days

Georgina Johnson writes about the mobile phone

Kirsty Wade, young athlete

Mark Charles: Extreme Weather Photographer

Steve Cummins talks about starting his own business

Paul Harris talks about how he studied by distance learning before going to university

Corinna Held talks about attending a music festival

Jessica Hail – Comedian

Painting in Spain

Harry Parnell: Photographer of the Stars

— multiple-choice gapped text —

Computer game exhibition

The giant piano

Digging into the past

A new way of making electricity

Lost in the mountains

A Helping Hand

My first marathon

The story of the carrot and the ring

Honey Bees

My new hobby

Clothes Exchange

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Chase

Saved by dolphins

An Amazing Journey

Baking and Me

The History of Fish and Chips

The Crime of the Century

Why The Sea is Good for You

Lost Luggage

What’s the point in studying music?

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