English practice TEST

Practice English Vocabulary Tests for B1

with answers

Describing people

Clothes: adjectives; Adverbs

Life events; too, enough, not enough

Sports; Words with different meanings

Crimes and criminals

City problems; Compounds: noun + noun

Collocations: thinking; look (at), see, watch

International travel

Money and shopping; Easily confused words: pay, charge, cost

Food and drink adjectives; look, taste, smell

Body and health; Illnesses and injuries: verbs

Animals; Adverbs of probability

Adjectives: moods and feelings

be, do, have and make

Talking about films and shows

Computer phrases; Phrasal verbs: technology

Doing experiments; Phrasal verbs: technology

Arts and entertainment; Adjectives: -al and -ful

Jobs; Suffixes: -er, -or, -ist, -ian

Things that you read; say, speak, talk and tell

Shopping; any, anyone, anything

Personality adjectives; Prefixes: un- and dis-

Sports phrases; Suffixes: -ist, -er, -or

Extreme weather; Phrasal verbs

Verbs for making things; Time adverbs

Health verbs; Words with some, any, every and no

Music; Word families

Amazing architecture; Strong adjectives and adverbs

Technology; enough, too, very, not … enough

Nature and wildlife; Phrases with at

School; Compound nouns

Travel; Phrases with on

Social media; Phrases with in

Film; Reporting verbs

Verbs for cooking; Transitive and intransitive verbs

Artificial and natural world; Phrasal verbs

Verbs of communication; Adverbs of degree: fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably

Personal feelings and qualities; Prepositions and conjunctions

Word tasks; as and like

Hopes and dreams

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