English practice TEST

Practice English Vocabulary Tests for A2

with answers

Sports and games

Daily routines; Food


Adjectives; Emotions

Historical events; Buildings

Jobs; Work


Bedroom furniture; Free-time activities

Clothes and fashion

Buying and selling


Technology; Computers and the internet

Illness; Health

Places in town

Geographical features; The weather

Amazing animals

Television; Entertainment

Magazines and books

Trip activities; School collocations

Family; Adverbs of degree

Adjectives of personality; Personal details

Geographical features; Animals

Holidays: Ways of travelling

Adjectives to describe homes

School subjects

Materials; Adjectives for describing objects

Holidays activities

Furniture and household appliances; Words with two meanings

Sports, games and activities

Relationships; Internet nouns and verbs

Places in a city

Types of film; Conjunctions

Outdoor activities

Life changes

Spending money; Units of measurement and money

Free-time activities; Collocations about having fun

Words to describe language learning

Body parts; Adjective to express emotion

Books and reading; Words about books

Words to describe cooking

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