Choose the correct answer.

1     What would you like …?

a) ordering

b) order

c) to order

2     I would like … something identical.

a) to experience

b) experiencing

c) experience

3     She would like … you an important thing.

a) telling

b) to tell

c) tell

4     He would like … his abilities.

a) show

b) showing

c) to show

5     I’m sorry. I wouldn’t like …

a) overpay

b) to overpay

c) overpaying

6     Would you like … it one more time?

a) to do

b) do

c) doing

7     They would like … you for everything that you’ve done.

a) thank

b) to thank

c) thanking

8     Brian would like … Spanish as soon as possible.

a) learning

b) to learn

c) learn

9     I would like … English.

a) teaching

b) teach

c) to teach

10   He wouldn’t like … his own website.

a) having

b) have

c) to have

11   I don’t want … my patience.

a) lose

b) losing

c) to lose

12   Please, let’s go! Do you want … it right now?

a) to finish

b) finish

c) finishing

13   Her student wants … more natural.

a) sound

b) to sound

c) sounding

14   Do you really want … your progress immediately?

a) seeing

b) see

c) to see

15   Olivia wants … everything.

a) to explain

b) explain

c) explaining

16   As far as I know, they don’t want … new products.

a) produce

b) to produce

c) producing

17   Cristina wants … this problem urgently.

a) solve

b) solving

c) to solve

18   They want … their pronunciation.

a) improve

b) to improve

c) improving

19   Well, I don’t agree with that. I want … much less money.

a) paying

b) pay

c) to pay

20   He wants … to native speakers more.

a) to listen

b) listen

c) listening

21   They … to double their profit.

a) won’t

b) want

c) are wanting

22   I’m sorry. We … guarantee anything.

a) won’t

b) want

c) are wanting

23   Brian … to try to do it one more time.

a) is wanting

b) won’t

c) wants

24   No matter what, I … argue with them.

a) want

b) won’t

c) am wanting

25   They … to focus on the main problem.

a) won’t

b) want

c) are wanting

26   She … feel comfortable in this situation.

a) won’t

b) want

c) is wanting

27   As far as I know, they … to improve their pronunciation.

a) are wanting

b) won’t

c) want

28   We … to congratulate you on this special occasion.

a) won’t

b) want

c) are wanting

29   I believe it … frighten them.

a) won’t

b) want

c) isn’t wanting

30   She … disagree with us on this matter.

a) want

b) is wanting

c) won’t


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 b   6 a   7 b   8 b   9 c   10 c

11 c   12 a   13 b   14 c   15 a   16 b   17 c   18 b   19 c   20 a

21 b   22 a   23 c   24 b   25 b   26 a   27 c   28 b   29 a   30 c

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