Choose the correct answer.

1     He likes … .

a) to swim

b) swim

c) swimming

2     I like … Spanish.

a) speaking

b) to speak

c) speak

3     He likes … other people how to do it.

a) teach

b) teaching

c) to teach

4     My grandfather likes … fruit and vegetables in his own garden.

a) grow

b) to growing

c) growing

5     They like … strange things now.

a) do

b) to doing

c) to do

6     I like … Russian.

a) learn

b) learning

c) to learning

7     She likes … exotic languages.

a) to learn

b) learning

c) to learning

8     I know that you like … out.

a) to eating

b) eat

c) eating

9     We like … modern methods.

a) to using

b) use

c) to use

10   She likes … to classical music, which is surprising.

a) listening

b) to listen

c) listen

11   He doesn’t like … formal clothes.

a) wearing

b) wear

c) to wear

12   Laura doesn’t like … at home all day.

a) cook

b) to cooking

c) cooking

13   I don’t like … my time.

a) waste

b) wasting

c) to wasting

14   They don’t like … this kind of things.

a) discuss

b) to discuss

c) to discussing

15   It’s obvious. They don’t like … it.

a) to do

b) do

c) doing

16   I’ve changed. Now, I don’t like … TV.

a) watching

b) watch

c) to watch

17   She doesn’t like … jogging.

a) go

b) to going

c) going

18   We don’t like … this subject anymore.

a) mention

b) to mention

c) to mentioning

19   I see that you don’t like … .

a) to lying

b) lying

c) lie

20   She doesn’t like … other people.

a) to criticize

b) criticize

c) criticizing

21   Does she like … chess?

a) play

b) to play

c) playing

22   Do you like … my car?

a) driving

b) drive

c) to drive

23   Do you like … to classical music?

a) listen

b) to listen

c) to hear

24   Does she like … him questions?

a) to put

b) ask

c) to ask

25   Do they like … about politics?

a) talk

b) talking

c) to talking

26   Do you like … exams?

a) take

b) to take

c) to taking

27   Do you like … orders to others?

a) give

b) to giving

c) giving

28   Honestly speaking, do you like … football?

a) to play

b) play

c) to playing

29   Does she like … to school?

a) go

b) to going

c) to go

30   Does he like … his lessons?

a) recording

b) record

c) to recording


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 c   6 b   7 a   8 c   9 c   10 a

11 c   12 c   13 b   14 b   15 c   16 a   17 c   18 b   19 b   20 c

21 c   22 a   23 b   24 c   25 b   26 b   27 c   28 a   29 c   30 a

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