Choose the correct answer.

 If my manager … it, she would behave differently.

a) know

b) will know

c) knew

 If her business … successful, she would have a lot of money.

a) were

b) is

c) will be

 If my girlfriend … it, she would say it.

a) want

b) wanted

c) wants

 If my life partner … English, she would go there.

a) speaks

b) spoke

c) will speak

 If my parents … alive, our life would be different.

a) are

b) will be

c) were

 If the students … the right answers, they would spend less time solving the test.

a) knew

b) will know

c) know

 If my family … rich, we would live in another place.

a) will be

b) were

c) are

 If this method … effective, I would have better results.

a) is

b) will be

c) were

 If I … more motivation, I would train more intensively.

a) had

b) will have

c) had had

10   If my friend … more money, he would buy a new car.

a) has

b) had

c) will have

11   He would show better results if his training sessions … more regular.

a) are

b) will be

c) were

12   She would clearly be very angry if she … it.

a) knows

b) knew

c) will know

13   I would be happy if she … here.

a) were

b) is

c) will be

14   She wouldn’t help me if she … so.

a) thinks

b) thought

c) will think

15   Maria would say it immediately if she … something.

a) wants

b) will want

c) wanted

16   We would know it if they … our help.

a) needed

b) need

c) had needed

17   He would be the best player in town if he … more intensively.

a) trains

b) trained

c) will train

18   She would live in another city if she … more money.

a) earns

b) earned

c) will earn

19   He wouldn’t agree if he … another offer.

a) has had

b) had

c) had had

20   She would call him if she … Brian.

a) sees

b) will see

c) saw

21   If she … more motivation, she would work harder.

a) has

b) has had

c) ha d

22   If her skills … higher, she would solve more difficult tasks.

a) are

b) had been

c) were

23   If I … English, I could find a better job.

a) knew

b) know

c) had known

24   If I … English, I will communicate with people from other cultures without any problems.

a) knew

b) know

c) had known

25   If I … more mistakes, I will stop doing this project.

a) made

b) had made

c) make

26   If she … German really well, her students would make more progress.

a) teaches

b) taught

c) had taught

27   If the firm … to him, the financial situation will change completely.

a) belongs

b) belonged

c) will belong

28   If it …, we won’t go out. Instead, we will watch a movie.

a) rained

b) will rain

c) rains

29   If they … there, I would be surprised.

a) are

b) were

c) will be

30   If she … talented, her results wouldn’t be so terrible.

a) had been

b) is

c) were


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 b   5 c   6 a   7 b   8 c   9 a   10 b

11 c   12 b   13 a   14 b   15 c   16 a   17 b   18 b   19 b   20 c

21 c   22 c   23 a   24 b   25 c   26 b   27 a   28 c   29 b   30 c

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