Choose the correct answer.

 Tell him this news if you … him.

a) will see

b) sees

c) see

 I will be glad for them if they … better results.

a) show

b) will show

c) would show

 She will be greatly surprised if it … .

a) happen

b) happens

c) will happen

 I will help Maria if she … me.

a) needs

b) will need

c) need

 I will think about it if I … more free time today.

a) will have

b) had had

c) have

 I’ll visit them if they … at home.

a) will be

b) are

c) be

 You’ll have better results if you … more.

a) will train

b) trained

c) train

 He will pay her less if she … too little on this project.

a) will work

b) work

c) works

 We will do it if she … .

a) agrees

b) will agree

c) agree

10   You will feel healthier if you … to the gym regularly.

a) will go

b) go

c) had gone

11   It will be bad if our sales manager … doing it.

a) will continue

b) continue

c) continues

12   She will be angry if your friend … about it.

a) know

b) knows

c) will know

13   If her friend … me a message, I will reply.

a) sends

b) send

c) would send

14   If my manager … me more money. I’ll be happy.

a) paid

b) pay

c) pays

15   They’ll stay at home if the weather … fine.

a) are

b) will be

c) is

16   I will be very sad if our business partners … to do it.

a) refuse

b) to refuse

c) will refuse

17   It will be very interesting if your girlfriend … a message from my cousin.

a) receive

b) receives

c) will receive

18   Don’t worry. If the context …, we’ll change the strategy, too.

a) will change

b) change

c) changes

19   I will stop working there if the conditions … worse.

a) becomes

b) become

c) will become

20   If your partner … about it again, it will be strange.

a) talks

b) talk

c) will talk

21   When it … raining, I will go out.

a) will stop

b) stop

c) stops

22   When he … there, he will call us.

a) arrive

b) arrives

c) will arrive

23   When she … it, we will understand.

a) explained

b) explain

c) explains

24   When we … to do it, they will have other plans.

a) decide

b) will decide

c) decided

25   When they … this project, we will give them more.

a) will solve

b) solve

c) solves

26   When I … him, I will tell you.

a) see

b) will see

c) saw

27   When she … our help, she will come to us.

a) will need

b) need

c) needs

28   When they … the problem, we will think about it.

a) remember

b) remembers

c) will remember

29   When she … back, I will tell her about it.

a) came

b) comes

c) will come

30   When he … it, it will be too little too late.

a) will want

b) want

c) wants


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 c   6 b   7 c   8 c   9 a   10 b

11 c   12 b   13 a   14 c   15 c   16 a   17 b   18 c   19 b   20 a

21 c   22 b   23 c   24 a   25 b   26 a   27 c   28 a   29 b   30 c

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