Choose the correct answer.

1     They … the latest news.

a) hear

b) heard

c) heared

2     It … his abilities two days ago.

a) show

b) shown

c) showed

3     That thing … a lot to us.

a) mean

b) meant

c) don’t mean

4     It … me how professional they were.

a) show

b) showed

c) have showed

5     Our conference … much later than expected.

a) began

b) begun

c) is beginning

6     She … Russia last year.

a) leave

b) left

c) will leave

7     I … it for the first time. I was surprised.

a) hearing

b) heard

c) am hearing

8     It … the following thing.

a) meant

b) mean

c) meaning

9     I … my bag at home unfortunately.

a) leaves

b) left

c) forget

10   The conference … on time.

a) begin

b) begun

c) began

11   They … in the sea.

a) swims

b) swam

c) swum

12   I … for this service.

a) pays

b) paid

c) has to pay

13   The company … for the goods and services.

a) paid

b) pay

c) payed

14   His assistant manager … his correspondence.

a) to read

b) read

c) readed

15   He … you very well.

a) understand

b) understood

c) have understood

16   We … in the ocean that day.

a) swum

b) swam

c) swim

17   They … everything immediately.

a) understood

b) understands

c) understanded

18   She … him a letter.

a) wrote

b) written

c) write

19   His girlfriend … a long letter to him. It was something bad.

a) write

b) writes

c) wrote

20   Finally, he … her letter.

a) read

b) reading

c) have read

21   The price … sharply yesterday.

a) fall

b) fell

c) fallen

22   I … her a billet-doux.

a) sends

b) sent

c) sending

23   She … down.

a) fell

b) fallen

c) falled

24   I … up in Europe.

a) grown

b) grew

c) have grew

25   She … behind him waiting for something.

a) stand

b) stood

c) standing

26   My grandmother … vegetables in her own garden.

a) grow

b) grew

c) grown

27   He … her flowers last week.

a) send

b) sent

c) have sent

28   They … English.

a) speaks

b) spoke

c) doesn’t speak

29   She … Italian.

a) spoke

b) speak

c) don’t speak

30   I … up.

a) stands

b) stood

c) has stood


1 b   2 c   3 b   4 b   5 a   6 b   7 b   8 a   9 b   10 c

11 b   12 b   13 a   14 b   15 b   16 b   17 a   18 a   19 c   20 a

21 b   22 b   23 a   24 b   25 b   26 b   27 b   28 b   29 a   30 b

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