Choose the correct answer.

1     They don’t promise … us financially.

a) support

b) supporting

c) to support

2     They don’t refuse … me.

a) to help

b) helping

c) help

3     He doesn’t try … a billionaire.

a) becoming

b) to become

c) become

4     She doesn’t need … there every day.

a) come

b) to come

c) coming

5     You don’t need … all this video.

a) to watch

b) watch

c) watching

6     She doesn’t want … these risks.

a) take

b) taking

c) to take

7     I don’t agree … such a low salary.

a) having

b) have

c) to have

8     They don’t agree … .

a) overpay

b) to overpay

c) overpaying

9     We don’t want … the same mistake.

a) repeat

b) to repeat

c) repeating

10   I don’t want … it.

a) to hear

b) hearing

c) hear

11   I didn’t expect … the first place.

a) take

b) will take

c) to take

12   I know you didn’t want … her.

a) sadden

b) to sadden

c) saddening

13   She didn’t need … all the book.

a) read

b) to read

c) reading

14   We didn’t choose … a new project.

a) to create

b) creating

c) create

15   Even so, they didn’t try … anything.

a) change

b) changing

c) to change

16   She didn’t hope … that job.

a) get

b) getting

c) to get

17   Marry didn’t promise … him.

a) to train

b) train

c) training

18   I didn’t need … four hours on it.

a) spend

b) to spend

c) spending

19   We didn’t want … it.

a) to show

b) show

c) showing

20   They didn’t offer … there together.

a) go

b) going

c) to go

21   I won’t try … her.

a) persuade

b) persuading

c) to persuade

22   You won’t need … the conditions of the agreement.

a) to change

b) change

c) changing

23   They won’t agree … this responsibility.

a) take

b) to take

c) taking

24   She won’t try … for another job.

a) looking

b) look

c) to look

25   I won’t refuse … poor people.

a) help

b) helping

c) to help

26   She won’t need … this school.

a) to attend

b) attend

c) attending

27   I won’t forget … to it.

a) listen

b) listening

c) to listen

28   He won’t choose … this exam.

a) take

b) to take

c) taking

29   They won’t need … it.

a) to repeat

b) repeat

c) repeating

30   She won’t forget … it.

a) correct

b) to correct

c) to have correct


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 b   5 a   6 c   7 c   8 b   9 b   10 a

11 c   12 b   13 b   14 a   15 c   16 c   17 a   18 b   19 a   20 c

21 c   22 a   23 b   24 c   25 c   26 a   27 c   28 b   29 a   30 b

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