Choose the correct answer.

 When I returned he … for about 4 hours.

a) has been sleeping

b) did sleep

c) had been sleeping

 She told me they … on this project for half a year.

a) were working

b) had been working

c) have been working

 When she noticed me I … a car for about an hour.

a) had been driving

b) was driving

c) have been driving

 She said she … it for two hours.

a) has been doing

b) had been doing

c) was doing

 When he realized it she … him for more than half a year.

a) was deceiving

b) has been deceiving

c) had been deceiving

 When he came there she … for him for a very long time.

a) was waiting

b) had been waiting

c) has been waiting

 When she arrived we … that problem for about twenty minutes.

a) had been discussing

b) had discuss

c) have discuss

 He said he … for half an hour.

a) has been working

b) worked

c) had been working

 When she returned home he … that movie for an hour.

a) has watched

b) had been watching

c) has been watching

10   When he got to work I … a report for 20 minutes.

a) had been making

b) was making

c) have been making

11   They … now.

a) are criticized

b) are being criticized

c) have been criticized

12   They … very thoroughly now.

a) are examined

b) have being examined

c) are being examined

13   It … now.

a) is checked

b) is being checked

c) has being checked

14   He … too much these days.

a) is being paid

b) is paid

c) has being paid

15   He … now.

a) is controlled

b) is being controlled

c) has being controlled

16   He … very professionally now.

a) is taught

b) has being taught

c) is being taught

17   This problem … now.

a) is discussed

b) is being discussed

c) has being discussed

18   The costs … now.

a) are reduced

b) are being reduced

c) have being reduced

19   He … with murder now.

a) is being charged

b) is charged

c) has been charged

20   The room … now.

a) is repaired

b) has been repaired

c) is being repaired

21   Their names … now.

a) aren’t being included

b) aren’t included

c) haven’t been included

22   The children … now.

a) aren’t encouraged

b) aren’t being encouraged

c) haven’t been encouraged

23   The wrong answers … now.

a) aren’t being copied

b) aren’t copied

c) haven’t been copied

24   This food … now.

a) hasn’t been eaten

b) isn’t eaten

c) isn’t being eaten

25   This way … now.

a) isn’t chosen

b) isn’t being chosen

c) hasn’t been chosen

26   The workers … now.

a) aren’t controlled

b) haven’t been controlled

c) aren’t being controlled

27   All the necessary conditions … now.

a) aren’t provided

b) aren’t being provided

c) haven’t been provided

28   It … these days.

a) isn’t being discussed

b) hasn’t been discussed

c) isn’t discussed

29   His mistakes … now.

a) aren’t corrected

b) haven’t been corrected

c) aren’t being corrected

30   They … now.

a) aren’t attacked

b) aren’t being attacked

c) haven’t been attacked


1 c   2 b   3 a   4 b   5 c   6 b   7 a   8 c   9 b   10 a

11 b   12 c   13 b   14 a   15 b   16 c   17 b   18 b   19 a   20 c

21 a   22 b   23 a   24 c   25 b   26 c   27 b   28 a   29 c   30 b

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