Choose the correct answer.

 What ideas …?

a) had been rejected

b) were been rejected

c) have been rejected

 Where …?

a) has it been corrected

b) was it been corrected

c) had it been corrected

 What …?

a) had been deleted

b) has been deleted

c) was been deleted

 What news …?

a) have been heard

b) has been heard

c) were heard

 What …?

a) has being changing

b) has been changed

c) had been changed

 What …?

a) has been revised

b) had been revised

c) was been revised

 What information …?

a) had been found

b) was been found

c) has been found

 Why …?

a) has it adding

b) has it been added

c) had it been added

 Why …?

a) has it being said

b) has it been said

c) did it been said

10   Who …?

a) has been awarded

b) did been awarded

c) had been awarded

11   The method … yet.

a) hadn’t been modified

b) hasn’t modified

c) hasn’t been modified

12   They … this lesson.

a) already taught

b) have already been taught

c) had already been taught

13   Choose the correct answer:

a) Has the problems been solved?

b) Had the problems already been solved?

c) Was the problem solved?

14   All the information … .

a) has added

b) had been added

c) has been added

15   Choose the correct answer:

a) Were the losses been covered?

b) Have the losses been covered?

c) Did the losses been covered?

16   This question … yet.

a) hasn’t asked

b) wasn’t been asked

c) hasn’t been asked

17   His mistakes … .

a) have been spotted

b) had been spotted

c) were been spotted

18   The truth … yet.

a) hasn’t being discovered

b) hasn’t been discovered

c) hadn’t been discovered

19   Choose the correct answer:

a) Had they ever been trained professionally?

b) Did they ever been trained professionally?

c) Have they ever been trained professionally?

20   His knowledge … .

a) have already been tested

b) has already been tested

c) had already been tested

21   We understood the truth … .

a) had been hidden

b) has hidden

c) was been hidden

22   I saw his mistakes … yet.

a) weren’t corrected

b) haven’t been corrected

c) hadn’t been corrected

23   It was proved the bag … .

a) had stolen

b) had been stolen

c) has been stolen

24   He was informed the goods … yet.

a) haven’t been delivered

b) didn’t been delivered

c) hadn’t been delivered

25   I told him my work … .

a) was already checked

b) had already been checked

c) has already been checked

26   He said it … .

a) was done

b) has been done

c) had been done

27   I came to the conclusion that we … .

a) had been misinformed

b) were been misinformed

c) have been misinformed

28   We knew the meeting … .

a) was cancel

b) had been cancelled

c) has been cancelled

29   It was said the test … .

a) has been failed

b) had been failed

c) was been failed

30   She told us the decision … .

a) was already been made

b) has already been made

c) had already been made


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 b   5 b   6 a   7 c   8 b   9 b   10 a

11 c   12 b   13 c   14 c   15 b   16 c   17 a   18 b   19 c   20 b

21 a   22 c   23 b   24 c   25 b   26 c   27 a   28 b   29 b   30 c

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