Choose the correct answer.

 She said she … the text by heart.

a) already learnt

b) has already learnt

c) had already learnt

2   The meeting … by the time they arrived.

a) has already started

b) had already started

c) already started

 He understood they … the house.

a) had robbed

b) have robbed

c) robbed

4   I read they … him.

a) were punished

b) had punished

c) have punished

 We found out some employees … the money.

a) was stealing

b) stole

c) had stolen

6   She confessed she … him all the truth.

a) didn’t told

b) hadn’t told

c) haven’t told

7   I knew he … her yet.

a) didn’t reply

b) hasn’t reply

c) hadn’t replied

8   She understood her friend … her.

a) had used

b) were using

c) has used

9   It … a terrible mistake.

a) has been

b) were

c) had being

10   She said everything … OK.

a) had being

b) was

c) have been

11   When I called her, she … a shower for 10 minutes.

a) was taking

b) has been taking

c) had been taking

12   By the time we got the letter we … that problem.

a) have already been solving

b) had already solved

c) have already solved

13   By the time she arrived we … for her for 20 minutes.

a) had waited

b) had been waiting

c) have been waiting

14   When they noticed it we … it.

a) had already done

b) did

c) have already done

15   He was extremely exhausted. He … incredibly hard all morning.

a) had work

b) had been working

c) worked

16   When she came back I … on the phone for half an hour.

a) was talking

b) have talking

c) had been talking

17   I started learning English five years ago and I’m still learning it. In other words, I … English for five years.

a) had been learning

b) have been learning

c) was learning

18   When I joined that club, he … his member for two hours.

a) was being

b) had been

c) has been

19   I … for about 10 minutes before the bell rang.

a) had eaten

b) had been eating

c) ate

20   I … English for an hour when he called me.

a) had been learning

b) was learning

c) have been learning

21   These opportunities … today.

a) are considered

b) are being considered

c) have considered

22   As a rule, they … there.

a) aren’t being seen

b) haven’t been seen

c) aren’t seen

23   They … from time to time.

a) are being criticized

b) are criticized

c) had been criticizing

24   The money … controlled.

a) isn’t

b) aren’t

c) won’t

25   Choose the correct answer:

a) It is currently monitored.

b) It is currently being monitored.

c) It has currently been monitored.

26   This answer … chosen.

a) is never

b) has never

c) won’t never be

27   Very poor conditions … there.

a) provide

b) is provided

c) are provided

28   It … checked now.

a) is

b) is being

c) has being

29   Choose the correct answer:

a) They are always being thanked.

b) They are always thanked.

c) They have always being thanked.

30   … these days?

a) Are they being watched

b) Are they watched

c) Have they watched


1 c   2 b   3 a   4 b   5 c   6 b   7 c   8 a   9 a   10 b

11 c   12 b   13 b   14 a   15 b   16 c   17 b   18 b   19 b   20 a

21 b   22 c   23 b   24 a   25 b   26 a   27 c   28 b   29 b   30 a

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