Choose the correct answer.

1   If you … hard, you … the exam.

a) will study/pass

b) study/will pass

c) will study/will pass

d) study/pass

2   If I … Steve, I … harder.

a) were/would study

b) would be/would study

c) were/studied

d) would be/studied

3   If Maria … everything, she … any problems.

a) will tell/hasn’t

b) tells/won’t have

c) tell/hasn’t

d) will tell/won’t have

4   Simon is being very rude. If I … him, I … those things.

a) were/wouldn’t say

b) were/didn’t say

c) would be/wouldn’t say

d) would be/didn’t say

5   If I … this book, I … a lot of knowledge.

a) will read/can get

b) read/ will be able to get

c) would read/can get

d) read/ will can get

6   If it … sunny, I … skiing.

a) will be/go

b) will be/will go

c) is/go

d) is/will go

7   If she … the contest, she … very happy.

a) won/was

b) would win/would be

c) would win/was

d) won/would be

8   If the weather … fine next Sunday, we … to the park.

a) is/will go

b) will be/go

c) is/go

d) will be/will go

9   If you … me I … you.

a) would call/helped

b) called/would help

c) would call/would help

d) called/helped

10   If I … her, I … her the magazine.

a) see/will give

b) will see/give

c) will see/will give

d) see/give

11   If you … more attentive you … the exam.

a) were/would pass

b) would be/passed

c) would be/would pass

d) were/passed

12   He … ill if he … so much ice-cream.

a) falls/will eat

b) will fall/eats

c) will fall/will eat

d) falls/eats

13   If you … louder I … her address well.

a) would speak/heard

b) would speak/would hear

c) spoke/would hear

d) spoke/heard

14   I … you if I … your bag.

a) call/will find

b) call/find

c) will call/will find

d) will call/find

15   If I … him I for the autograph.

a) would meet/would ask

b) would meet/asked

c) met/asked

d) met/would ask

16   He … angry if he … about this.

a) will be/will hear

b) will be/hears

c) is/hears

d) is/will hear

17   If I … you I … in cold water.

a) were/didn’t swim

b) would be/wouldn’t swim

c) were/wouldn’t swim

d) was/didn’t swim

18   If she … at home we … her everything.

a) is/will tell

b) will be/tell

c) will be/will tell

d) is/tell

19   If I … an actor I … roles in action movies.

a) were/chose

b) were/would choose

c) would be/would choose

d) would be/chose

20   If you … so slowly we … late.

a) will drive/will be

b) drive/are

c) will drive/are

d) drive/will be

21   If I … one billion dollars I … a half to charity.

a) had/donated

b) had/would donate

c) would have/would donate

d) would have/donated

22   If she … early we … dinner with her.

a) will return/have

b) returns/have

c) will return/will have

d) returns/will have

23   If I … an Olympic medal I … it to my family.

a) won/dedicated

b) won/would dedicate

c) would win/would dedicate

d) would win/dedicated

24   The police … her if they … her.

a) arrest/catch

b) arrest/will catch

c) will arrest/will catch

d) will arrest/catch

25   If I … taller I … a model.

a) would be/was

b) would be/would be

c) were/was

d) were/would be

26   If Chris … late I … without him.

a) is/leave

b) will be/will leave

c) will be/leave

d) is/will leave

27   If Steven … brave he … on safari.

a) were/went

b) would be/would go

c) were/would go

d) would be/went

28   If you … attentive you … the exam.

a) will be/pass

b) will be/will pass

c) are/will pass

d) are/pass

29   If I … you I … to the concert alone.

a) were/wouldn’t go

b) were/didn’t go

c) would be/wouldn’t go

d) would/didn’t go

30   I … to help you if you … me what is wrong.

a) try/will tell

b) try/tell

c) will try/tell

d) will try/will tell


1 b   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 b   6 d   7 d   8 a   9 b   10 a

11 a   12 b   13 c   14 d   15 d   16 b   17 c   18 a   19 b   20 d

21 b   22 d   23 b   24 d   25 d   26 d   27 c   28 c   29 a   30 c

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