Choose the correct answer.

41   At midnight I … .

a) will be sleep

b) will be sleeps

c) will be slept

d) will be sleeping

42   I … you tomorrow morning.

a) shall be seeing

b) shall been seen

c) will been seeing

d) will be saw

43   This time next month we … a party.

a) will be has

b) will be had

c) will be having

d) will be have

44   When the boss comes, … a meeting?

a) will they be having

b) will they be have

c) will they be has

d) will they be had

45   … home tomorrow?

a) Will be you walking

b) Will walking you be

c) Will you be walking

d) Will be walking you

46   At seven o’clock tomorrow morning, I … in my office.

a) will am working

b) will been working

c) will being working

d) will be working

47   Jacky … for you when you come out.

a) will be waits

b) will be waiting

c) will be wait

d) will be waited

48 It won’t be easy to get out of the country. The police … all the ports.

a) be will watching

b) will watching be

c) will be watching

d) watching will be

49   Karen … at the gym tonight.

a) will exercises

b) will exercising

c) will be exercised

d) will be exercising

50   I … in the library this afternoon.

a) will be studying

b) will be studied

c) shall be studies

d) shall be studing

51   When … the book?

a) will you have reading

b) will you have reads

c) will you have read

d) will you have readed

52   By the end of the month 10,000 people … this exhibition.

a) will have seeing

b) will have saw

c) will have sees

d) will have seen

53   On the fourth of next week Lucas … in prison for twenty years.

a) will having being

b) will have been

c) will has being

d) will had be

54   The police … of the theft by this time.

a) will have hearing

b) will have heared

c) will have heard

d) will hav hearen

55   … before we reach the top.

a) Will the sun have rises

b) Will the sun have rosen

c) Will the sun have risen

d) Will the sun have rose

56   By six o’clock, I … this comic.

a) will have reads

b) will have read

c) will have readed

d) will have reading

57   By the time I read the book I … three cigarettes.

a) will has smokes

b) will has smoking

c) will have smoked

d) will had smoked

58   By 12 o’clock Julia … her homework.

a) will have done

b) will have does

c) will have did

d) will had done

59   If you continue with your diet you … 5 kilos by the end of the year.

a) will have lost

b) will have losed

c) will have losten

d) will have lostten

60   In a fortnight’s time I … my exam.

a) will have taken

b) will have taking

c) will have took

d) will have takes

61   John … a letter.

a) will not have been writing

b) will not have been wrotten

c) will not have been written

62   Brian … for twenty years next month.

a) will have been lives

b) will have been living

c) will have been lived

d) will have been live

63   I … English for five years when I take the exam.

a) will have been studies

b) will have been study

c) will have been studying

d) will have been studied

64   In 5 minutes, Robert … his girlfriend for 2 hours.

a) will had been waiting

b) will having been waiting

c) will have been waiting

d) will has been waiting

65   Julia … for 4 years when she gets her degree.

a) will have been studying

b) will having been study

c) will had been studied

d) will has been studies

66   By midnight, I … for 5 hours.

a) will having been studying

b) will had been studying

c) will has been studying

d) will have been studying

67   What …?

a) will we have been eats

b) will we have been ate

c) will we have been eaten

d) will we have been eating

68   By dinner, she … the whole afternoon.

a) will have been cooking

b) will had been cooking

c) will having been cooking

d) will has been cooking

69   He … for 2 hours when the sun sets.

a) will has been swum

b) will had been swam

c) will having been swims

d) will have been swimming

70   Lindsay … her baby.

a) will not have been holds

b) will not have been holded

c) will not have been holding

d) will not have been hold


41 d   42 a   43 c   44 a   45 c   46 d   47 b   48 c   49 d   50 a

51 c   52 d   53 b   54 c   55 c   56 b   57 c   58 a   59 a   60 a

61 a   62 b   63 c   64 c   65 a   66 d   67 d   68 a   69 d   70 c

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