Choose the correct answer.

 Lisa … Tomas from doing something stupid.

a) will stop

b) stop

c) have stopped

 Next week, I … reading a new book.

a) start

b) will start

c) have started

 Our cousins … us this Christmas.

a) visited

b) visits

c) will visit

 What … at the party tonight?

a) were you wearing

b) have you been wearing

c) are you going to wear

d) did you wear

 Do you know if … the dance with Diana next week?

a) he have gone to

b) he will go to

c) he goes to

d) he went

 I don’t think … out tonight. I’m sick.

a) I go

b) I’ll go

c) I went

 It’s better to eat something now. If not, you … later.

a) were hungry

b) will be hungry

c) have been hungry

d) are hungry

 John … you a letter.

a) was writing

b) write

c) will write

 I need the screwdriver. … please bring it over here?

a) Are you

b) Will you

c) Do you

10   I … to my dentist on Thursday at 19:00

a) will go

b) was going

c) went

11   We … lunch today at the Chinese restaurant close to our house.

a) having

b) were having

c) are going to have

12   … please turn off the radio? I’m trying to concentrate.

a) Will you

b) Did you

c) Are you

13   She … me when her birthday is.

a) was telling

b) had told

c) won’t tell

14   Greg … to the barbet tomorrow morning.

a) will go

b) went

c) has gone

15   You … a lot of interesting things.

a) seen

b) will see

c) seeing

16   She … the exercise in due time.

a) won’t finish

b) finish

c) had finished

17   I … a new car next week.

a) bought

b) was buying

c) am going to buy

18   My plane … tomorrow at 05:15

a) landed

b) will land

c) was landing

19   Martin … dinner with us.

a) had had

b) was having

c) will have

20   I … you tomorrow at 3:00 PM.

a) will see

b) saw

c) have seen

21   I … the house this evening.

a) cleaned

b) cleaning

c) am going to clean

22   In ten years’ time, all students … their own computers in school.

a) will have

b) have

c) have been

23   What … for dinner tonight?

a) you had

b) did you have

c) are you going to have

24   On Saturday afternoon, Jane and Paul … their wedding party.

a) had had

b) will have

c) was having

25   My parents … us next weekend.

a) visit

b) will visit

c) were visiting

26   They … an expedition to Antarctica next year in May. Are you interested?

a) will organize

b) organizing

c) had organized

27   We … fish for dinner.

a) have had

b) had had

c) will have

28   I’m sure you … the exam next week.

a) have failed

b) are failing

c) won’t fail

29   We … our friends next week.

a) visited

b) will visit

c) were visiting

30   The future situation is uncertain. What do you think …?

a) happen

b) happened

c) will happen

31   If you think it over you … that I am right.

a) will see

b) shall seen

c) will seen

32   What … tomorrow?

a) will we done

b) we shall did

c) we will do

d) shall we do

33   What do you think they …?

a) will done

b) will do

c) will did

34   How … to Milan tomorrow?

a) will you go

b) go you will

c) will go you

35   When … your car?

a) will repair

b) you repair

c) will you repair

36   Tomorrow … to speak to her.

a) you’ll has

b) you’ll have

c) you’ll had

37   It … if I don’t come home till morning?

a) will matter

b) will matters

c) shall matters

38   I think she … here.

a) will stays

b) wills stay

c) will stay

39   Perhaps John … in time for dinner.

a) will arrive

b) wills arrive

c) will arrives

40   I … to do it.

a) won’t wants

b) won’t want

c) won’t wanted


1 a   2 b   3 c   4 c   5 b   6 b   7 b   8 c   9 b   10 a

11 c   12 a   13 c   14 a   15 b   16 a   17 c   18 b   19 c   20 a

21 c   22 a   23 c   24 b   25 b   26 a   27 c   28 c   29 b   30 c

31 a   32 d   33 b   34 a   35 c   36 b   37 a   38 c   39 a   40 b

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