Choose the correct answer.

 Something very simple.

a) Easy as pie or easy as ABC

b) Super easy

c) Easy as you and me

d) Did it already

 Used to express that the current issue is the last problem in a series of problems.

a) This is it

b) Last straw

c) Oh no

d) Last problem

 Used to express that you need more than one person for an activity.

a) It takes two to waltz

b) It takes two to dance

c) It takes two to eat

d) It takes two to tango

 Used to express that you need to start an activity from the beginning after you previously failed.

a) Back to the drawing board

b) Piece of cake

c) Will start again

d) Spill the beans

 Think about something before making a decision.

a) Sleep with it

b) Sleep it on

c) Sleep on it

d) Sleep and dream

 It means that justice is impartial and objective.

a) Justice exists

b) Justice is correct

c) Justice sees you

d) Justice is blind

 Used to talk about someone else who takes the blame.

a) Scapepig

b) Scapedonkey

c) Scapehorse

d) Scapegoat

 Be the best.

a) Number one

b) Not below number one

c) Be the one

d) Be second to none

 A lie in order not to hurt someone’s feelings.

a) Black lie

b) White lie

c) Brown lie

d) Blue lie

10   Big sum of money given to a person when they leave a company or retire.

a) Platinum handshake

b) Golden salary

c) Gold watch

d) Golden handshake

11   To study very hard.

a) Hit out book

b) Hit in books

c) Hit the books

d) Hit the sack

12   To start performing better.

a) You can do better

b) Stop playing around

c) Let’s see what you’ve got

d) Step up your game

13   A very heavy storm.

a) Raining cats and dogs

b) Raining cats and mouses

c) Raining cats

d) Raining dogs

14   When something blows you away, you’re extremely impressed by it.

a) Blown me

b) Blew me there

c) Blew me far

d) Blew me away

15   Used when you finish a task or long debate. Time to quit.

a) Let’s go home

b) Call it a day

c) I’m out

d) Call it finish

16   Keep communicating with someone.

a) Keep in touch

b) Talk to you later

c) Keep near

d) Please call me

17   Something that requires a lot of effort and hard work.

a) Blood, sweat and tears

b) Sweat and tears

c) Blood and sweat

d) Blood and tears

18   Person that likes to do things on their own.

a) Black wolf

b) White wolf

c) Single wolf

d) Lone wolf

19   A minute that seems to go by very quickly.

a) Berlin minute

b) New York minute

c) London minute

d) Paris minute

20   You’re better off not knowing.

a) Ignorance is bliss

b) Don’t bother to know

c) It’s better not to know

d) No need to know

21   Used to refer to a good idea.

a) The best in the world

b) Best thing since sliced bread

c) Super

d) Best thing since hot water

22   Used to tell someone that he/she is very fast.

a) Very very fast

b) Tornado fast

c) Lightning fast

d) Super fast

23   My patience has run out.

a) That’s the last straw

b) Do I need to wait more?

c) I’m loosing it

d) I’ll go now

24   Behave in a crazy way out of emotions.

a) Go out

b) Go bananas

c) Go the extra mile

d) Go there and back

25   Used to tell someone to slow down.

a) Easy with it

b) Easy does it

c) Easy please

d) Easy on it

26   It means for a very long time.

a) In centuries

b) In eons

c) On ages

d) In ages

27   To become very angry, scared or excited.

a) Freak off

b) Freak it

c) Freak out

d) Freak in

28   Used when you build something cheap to save money.

a) Cut it down

b) Cut it cheap

c) Cut corners

d) Cur borders

29   Used to express that a show has come to an end.

a) That’s all folks.

b) The show has ended

c) Elvis is in the building.

d) Elvis has left the building.

30   Unpleasant information or situation which must be accepted.

a) A bitter lemon

b) A bitter pill

c) A bitter news

d) Bad news


1 a   2 b   3 d   4 a   5 c   6 d   7 d   8 d   9 b   10 d

11 c   12 d   13 a   14 d   15 b   16 a   17 a   18 d   19 b   20 a

21 b   22 c   23 a   24 b   25 b   26 d   27 c   28 c   29 d   30 b

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