Choose the correct answer.

1   I see two … on the table.

a) boxs

b) boxes

c) box

2   There are eleven … in each football team.

a) men

b) mans

c) man

3   Can you find three … in the picture?

a) sheepies

b) sheeps

c) sheep

4   Mothers always give us … .

a) many advices

b) many advice

c) much advices

d) much advice

5   The little boy always wears … .

a) glass

b) glassies

c) glasses

6   There is … in my soup.

a) a hair

b) hair

c) hairs

7   David has caught a lot of … .

a) fishes

b) fishs

c) fish

8   There are three … on the bathroom shelf.

a) brush

b) brushes

c) brushies

9   Carla was sitting with two nice … .

a) woman

b) womans

c) women

10   How many … do the Browns have?

a) children

b) childrens

c) childes

11   There are 10 … in the field.

a) oxes

b) oxen

c) oxs

12   My grandmother has got 12 … in her village.

a) geese

b) goose

c) gooses

13   My cat has caught four … today.

a) mouse

b) mouses

c) mice

14   Oh, no, there are about two … of bugs in the kitchen.

a) dozes

b) dozen

c) dozens

15   Could you buy two … ?

a) sandwich

b) sandwiches

c) sandwichs

16   I’ve spent too much time outside today. My … are frozen.

a) foot

b) foots

c) feet

17   I’ve seen four … in the forest today.

a) deer

b) deers

c) deeres

18   Every human has got 32 … .

a) tooth

b) teeth

c) tooths

19   I watched three … of “Lie to me” today.

a) series

b) seriess

c) serieses

20   My grandparents have several … in the village.

a) swines

b) swinies

c) swine

21   Have you already heard this …?

a) newes

b) news

c) new

22   How many natural … do you know?

a) phenomena

b) phenoms

c) phenomenon

23   I can’t remember all these … .

a) formulaes

b) formulae

c) formulas

24   There are a few … in deserts.

a) oasis

b) oasises

c) oases

25   There are many … in these waters.

a) salmon

b) salmons

c) salmones

26   There are a lot of … in the club.

a) person

b) people

c) persones

27   There are four … on the table.

a) knifes

b) knives

c) knive

28   We saw nine … in the zoo.

a) wolfs

b) wolfes

c) wolves

29   How many … of birds are there in the world?

a) specieses

b) speciess

c) species

30   This airport can handle more than 400 … every day.

a) aircraftes

b) aircraft

c) aircrafts


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 d   5 c   6 a   7 c   8 b   9 c   10 a

11 b   12 a   13 c   14 b   15 b   16 c   17 a   18 b   19 a   20 c

21 b   22 a   23 b   24 c   25 a   26 b   27 b   28 c   29 c   30 b

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