Choose the correct answer.

1   Hey, look! The mail … .

a) delivers

b) is delivered

c) is delivering

2   This book … by Charles Dickens.

a) was written

b) wrote

c) is written

3   Winston Churchill … during the Boer war.

a) captured

b) is captured

c) was captured

4   Cookies … from milk, eggs and flour.

a) are made

b) makes

c) made

5   Napoleon … in 1815.

a) defeated

b) defeat

c) was defeated

6   Many buildings … by the fire in 1980.

a) destroys

b) destroyed

c) were destroyed

7   The fire … under control yesterday.

a) brought

b) was brought

c) was been bring

8   The Beatles … all over the world.

a) are known

b) knew

c) are knew

9   This poem … by Robert Burns.

a) was wrote

b) is written

c) was written

10   That state … by the British in the 18th century.

a) captured

b) capture

c) was captured

11   America … in 1492.

a) discovered

b) was discover

c) was discovered

12   Australia … by Dutch explorers in 1606.

a) discovering

b) discovered

c) was discovered

13   Everybody … about the accident tomorrow.

a) informs

b) will inform

c) will be informed

14   My wallet … yesterday.

a) was stolen

b) steal

c) was stole

15   Your TV … tomorrow.

a) delivered

b) delivers

c) will be delivered

16   The president … tomorrow.

a) will elect

b) elected

c) will be elected

17   Greenpeace … in 1969.

a) was founded

b) founded

c) is founded

18   New Year … all over the world.

a) celebrate

b) is celebrated

c) was celebrated

19   That opera … by Verdi in 1851.

a) composed

b) composing

c) was composed

20   This single … last month.

a) release

b) releasing

c) was released

21   The door … 2 hours ago.

a) breaks

b) was broke

c) was broken

22   This project … tomorrow.

a) completed

b) compete

c) will be completed

23   Berlin … in the 12th century.

a) was founded

b) founded

c) is founded

24   These shoes … in Italy.

a) were make

b) were made

c) made

25   The room … tomorrow.

a) cleans

b) will clean

c) will be cleaned

26   The ballots … several hours ago.

a) counted

b) counts

c) were counted

27   Their dynasty … in 1485.

a) established

b) is establish

c) was established

28   The theatre … next year.

a) will be built

b) built

c) is build

29   That film … by Scorsese in 1990.

a) directed

b) was directed

c) is directed

30   This sweater … of wool.

a) is make

b) is made

c) makes


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 a   5 c   6 c   7 b   8 a   9 c   10 c

11 c   12 c   13 c   14 a   15 c   16 c   17 a   18 b   19 c   20 c

21 c   22 c   23 a   24 b   25 c   26 c   27 c   28 a   29 b   30 b

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