Choose the correct answer.

 You said you … this dress in the mall.

a) bought

b) buy

c) had bought

 We … for him for three hours until he arrived.

a) had been waiting

b) were waiting

c) are waiting

 I … hard these last weeks.

a) am working

b) had been working

c) was working

 I looked at the photos that he … .

a) had sent

b) sent

c) was sending

 John … dinner when we arrived.

a) had cooked

b) cooked

c) has cooked

 A young woman walked into the room. I … her before. She was a complete stranger to me.

a) never saw

b) had never seen

c) has never seen

 You … my life twice.

a) will save

b) are saving

c) had saved

 The young man sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. He … before.

a) didn’t fly

b) hasn’t flown

c) hadn’t flown

 … he taken the pills that the doctor prescribed?

a) Did

b) Had

c) Was

10   Andrew … a guitar, but he received a book.

a) had wanted

b) wants

c) wanted

11   The train … when I arrived at the station.

a) has left

b) left

c) had just left

12   We admired the picture that Lucy … .

a) had painted

b) paint

c) is painting

13   I … never experienced something special like this before.

a) had had

b) had

c) have had

14   You … awake for too  long.

a) were staying

b) had been staying

c) staying

15   I wish I … for my exams.

a) had studying

b) had studied

c) studied

16   George went back to his home town after many years. It … a lot.

a) had changed

b) changed

c) has changed

17   When she arrived, it … for two weeks.

a) rained

b) will rain

c) had been raining

18   The Romans … Latin.

a) was spoken

b) has spoken

c) had spoken

19   Tim got to the cinema late last night. The film … .

a) had already begun

b) already begin

c) has already begun

20   We arrived at the theater after the play … .

a) started

b) had started

c) was starting

21   Was Paul there when you arrived? No, he … .

a) had already left

b) has already left

c) left

22   John … out when I arrived in the office.

a) has gone

b) has going

c) had gone

23   They … their task by 13:00.

a) had finished

b) finished

c) were finishing

24   She … here for five years.

a) is working

b) will work

c) had been working

25   Mary looked as if she … for 24 hours.

a) wasn’t sleeping

b) hasn’t slept

c) hadn’t slept

26   He … for five hours.

a) had been driving

b) will drive

c) was driving

27   They had been together for two years, …?

a) weren’t they

b) aren’t they

c) hadn’t they

28   She … the right questions.

a) isn’t asking

b) wasn’t asking

c) hadn’t asked

29   I … to France once before.

a) had been

b) have being

c) have had

30   If you … for the test, you wouldn’t have failed.

a) has studied

b) had studied

c) studied

31   She said that she … earlier.

a) had came

b) had come

c) had comed

32   What … for dinner that night?

a) had she cooken

b) had she cook

c) had she cooked

33   When we arrived the film …

a) had already begun

b) had already begon

c) had already began

d) had already begen

34   … Hilary before we worked together?

a) Had Jose meet

b) Had Jose being meet

c) Had Jose met

35   When I arrived most of my friends … .

a) had left

b) left

c) had leaved

36   I went to bed early. I … to bed so early.

a) had never were

b) had never am

c) had never was

d) had never been

37   How many coffees … before the interview?

a) had you drank

b) had you have

c) had you drunk

38   Kate was nervous because she … before.

a) had never worked

b) had work never

c) had never work

d) had worked never

39   … the bill before you left?

a) Paid you

b) Have paid

c) Had you paid

40   When we arrived the pub was no longer open. It … down.

a) had closed

b) has closed

c) closed

41   They … old photos all day when we met them.

a) had been collect

b) had been collected

c) had been collects

d) had been collecting

42   I think I’ve got a cold. I … all morning.

a) had been sneeze

b) had been sneezes

c) had been sneezing

d) had been sneezed

43   Richard was tired because he … all day.

a) had be working

b) had is working

c) had been working

d) had was working

44   I … in that country for two years when I first met her.

a) had been lives

b) had been lived

c) had been living

45   I was tired because I … football for three hours.

a) had been playing

b) have been playing

c) was playing

46   That picture … in the drawer for five years when I found it.

a) had been lying

b) had be lying

c) was lying

47   They felt very tired after the meeting yesterday because they … for three hours.

a) had been talked

b) had been talking

c) had been talk

48   Peter … for 3 hours when we got home.

a) had been sleping

b) had been sleeping

c) had been slept

49   When we met the general he … to Russia for two weeks.

a) had been gone

b) had been going

c) had been went

50   The sergeant … in the army for 30 years when I joined the regiment.

a) had been serving

b) had been served

c) had been serve


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 a   6 b   7 c   8 c   9 b   10 a

11 c   12 a   13 b   14 b   15 b   16 a   17 c   18 c   19 a   20 b

21 a   22 c   23 a   24 c   25 c   26 a   27 c   28 c   29 a   30 b

31 b   32 c   33 a   34 c   35 a   36 d   37 c   38 a   39 c   40 a

41 d   42 c   43 c   44 c   45 a   46 a   47 b   48 b   49 b   50 a

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