Choose the correct answer.

 Nicole … the whole cake.

a) eat

b) had eat

c) ate

 I … Thomas in the town a few days ago.

a) see

b) saw

c) will see

 We … a new sports car last week.

a) buy

b) bought

c) were buying

 We … a cat last month. Sheeba will be her name.

a) adopted

b) will adopt

c) were adopting

 John … his homework this time.

a) did

b) done

c) has did

 They … the movie last week.

a) will see

b) saw

c) were seeing

 We … our breakfast half an hour ago.

a) will finish

b) have finish

c) finished

 Chris … a Russian Blue cat when he was young.

a) had

b) has

c) was having

 When I was a child, I … to be a fireman.

a) wants

b) wanted

c) want

10   I already … dinner.

a) eat

b) will eat

c) ate

11   Roman … from England last year.

a) has moved

b) moved

c) was moving

12   Nancy … a great time in Mexico last month.

a) was having

b) had had

c) had

13   I … Carmen last week.

a) met

b) have met

c) meet

14   I … my room last week.

a) cleans

b) cleaned

c) was cleaning

15   We … about your promotion. Congratulation!

a) heard

b) have heard

c) will hear

16   Dan … home very early today.

a) leave

b) was leaving

c) left

17   Who … Moby Dick?

a) wrote

b) has wrote

c) has write

18   We … TV all night.

a) are watching

b) watched

c) had been watching

19   Ann … a good question.

a) had asked

b) asks

c) asked

20   Jim … his car two years ago.

a) buy

b) bought

c) has bought

21   They … this barn last year.

a) had built

b) built

c) were building

22   Mary … you a message.

a) had left

b) will leave

c) left

23   This tree … planted by my grandfather.

a) will be

b) had been

c) was

24   I … coffee in the morning.

a) am drinking

b) drunk

c) drank

25   … she … to the library?

a) Had/walked

b) Will/walk

c) Did/walk

d) Was/walking

26   Matthew … flowers for his wife.

a) bought

b) will buy

c) have bought

27   Where … you … when you were young?

a) did/live

b) have/live

c) did/lived

d) do/live

28   My mother … a special cake yesterday for my birthday.

a) bakes

b) baked

c) baking

29   They … home at midnight.

a) had come

b) came

c) have came

30   We couldn’t afford to keep two houses, so we … one.

a) sale

b) were selling

c) sold

31   … his money?

a) Did he losed

b) Did he lostten

c) Did he lost

d) Did he lose

32   The teacher … English.

a) didn’t teach

b) teach not

c) didn’t taught

33   Marie … your mother yesterday.

a) seed

b) saw

c) seen

34   … his hand?

a) Did Gary hurtten

b) Did Gary hurted

c) Did Gary hurt

d) Did Gary hurten

35   Caroline … the bell yesterday morning.

a) didn’t ring

b) not ring

c) rang not

36   Johnson … the bottle.

a) shooken

b) shook

c) shake

37   My back … last night.

a) hurted

b) hert

c) hurt

38   John … his wallet.

a) didn’t lose

b) didn’t lost

c) didn’t losed

39   Carlos … at the picture.

a) looked

b) looken

c) loken

40   Marie … about it again.

a) thinken

b) thought

c) thinked

41   Peter … a book yesterday evening.

a) reads

b) was reading

c) is reading

42   When I called Jim, he … .

a) was eating

b) ate

c) has eaten


1 c   2 b   3 b   4 a   5 a   6 b   7 c   8 a   9 b   10 c

11 b   12 c   13 a   14 b   15 a   16 c   17 a   18 b   19 c   20 b

21 b   22 c   23 c   24 c   25 c   26 a   27 a   28 b   29 b   30 c

31 d   32 a   33 b   34 c   35 a   36 b   37 c   38 a   39 a   40 b

41 b   42 a

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