Choose the correct answer.

 To sample some clothing.

a) try to

b) try on

c) try out

 To submit something.

a) hand out

b) hand on

c) hand in

 To like someone.

a) get around

b) get on

c) get along

 To meet or find by chance.

a) come across

b) come on

c) come forward

 To assemble.

a) put to

b) put on

c) put together

 To meet someone unexpectedly.

a) run on

b) run into

c) run over

 To concentrate on something.

a) focus down

b) focus in

c) focus on

 To remember something.

a) think back

b) think on

c) think again

 To have none left.

a) run in

b) run out

c) run on

10   To answer the telephone.

a) pick up

b) pick in

c) pick out

11   To end a phone conversation.

a) hang on

b) hand in

c) hand up

12   To make someone happier.

a) cheer out

b) cheer up

c) cheer off

13   To rip into pieces.

a) tear in

b) tear up

c) tear off

14   To disappoint.

a) let down

b) get down

c) let in

15   To recommend not doing something.

a) advice down

b) advice in

c) advise against

16   To quit.

a) drop in

b) drop now

c) drop out

17   To inspect/investigate.

a) look at

b) look into

c) look in

18   To switch something on.

a) turn in

b) turn off

c) turn on

19   To dispose of something.

a) throw on

b) throw away

c) throw off

20   To compete with someone, to oppose.

a) go on

b) go after

c) go against

21   To consider an idea.

a) think back

b) think over

c) think on

22   To organize, to resolve a problem.

a) sort on

b) sort in

c) sort out

23   To go to a restaurant to eat.

a) eat out

b) eat up

c) eat to

24   To participate.

a) join in

b) join out

c) join off

25   To not tell; to keep a secret.

a) keep in

b) keep off

c) keep from

26   To clean.

a) wipe in

b) wipe off

c) wipe up

27   To tell someone to stop acting childish.

a) grow up

b) grow on

c) grow to

28   To give something used to somebody else.

a) hand down

b) hand on

c) hand in

29   To begin, start.

a) kick now

b) kick in

c) kick off

30   To register in a certain place.

a) check in

b) check out

c) check it


1 b   2 c   3 c   4 a   5 c   6 b   7 c   8 a   9 b   10 a

11 c   12 b   13 b   14 a   15 c   16 c   17 b   18 c   19 b   20 c

21 b   22 c   23 a   24 a   25 c   26 b   27 a   28 a   29 c   30 a

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