Choose the correct answer.

 He … a letter to his mother.

a) wrote

b) writes

c) has written

 Is Sam still there? No, he … out.

a) gone

b) has gone

c) went

 … the piano since you were a child?

a) Played you

b) Did you play

c) Have you played

 People have … to the Moon.

a) traveled

b) travel

c) traveling

 I … my homework.

a) had done

b) have did

c) have done

 I … my car from the garage.

a) pick up

b) picked up

c) have picked up

 Simon … what I asked him.

a) was buying

b) isn’t buying

c) didn’t bought

d) hasn’t bought

 I … for the exam.

a) have studied

b) studies

c) had studied

 Mike … this game before.

a) hasn’t play

b) hadn’t play

c) hasn’t played

d) hadn’t played

10   We … at that restaurant many times.

a) eaten

b) have eaten

c) had eat

11   They … for nearly fifty years.

a) has married

b) have been married

c) had been married

d) were married

12   They … to Paris for the weekend.

a) were going

b) have gone

c) are gone

d) will go

13   Mom … out about it and she is not pleased.

a) had just found

b) has just find

c) has just found

d) had just find

14   I … her since we left high school.

a) hadn’t saw

b) haven’t seen

c) hadn’t see

d) haven’t see

15   He … in Paris for a long time.

a) is living

b) live

c) has lived

16   We … many times to New York.

a) ‘ve traveled

b) travel

c) were traveling

17   I … to Rome, Italy.

a) ‘ve been

b) was been

c) weren’t

18   We … a solution yet.

a) founded

b) will found

c) haven’t found

19   My friends … earlier.

a) will arrive

b) is arriving

c) have arrived

20   I think I … him once before.

a) have been meeting

b) was meeting

c) have met

d) had meet

21   Mary … a new language.

a) learn

b) has learn

c) has learned

22   I … dinner.

a) cooked

b) have cooked

c) am cooking

23   My sister … the bathroom in a week.

a) hadn’t clean

b) hasn’t cleaned

c) hadn’t cleaned

d) hasn’t clean

24   I … the Sydney Marathon.

a) have run

b) runs

c) ran

25   She … in her room since this morning.

a) is

b) had been

c) has been

26   Do you know where Andrew is? Yes, I … him. He is in the garden.

a) saw

b) will see

c) have just seen

27   … you … tennis?

a) Will/played

b) Was/playing

c) Have/played

d) Does/play

28   I … four quizzes and five tests so far this semester.

a) have has

b) have had

c) had had

29   Paul … my cake!

a) has eaten

b) had eat

c) had ate

30   Sarah … spaghetti. Let’s eat some. It smells good.

a) cooked

b) has cooked

c) is cooking

31   I … Randy for two days.

a) haven’t saw

b) haven’t see

c) haven’t seen

32   They … that floor.

a) has washed just

b) have washed just

c) has just washed

d) have just washed

33   I … a holiday since 2010

a) haven’t tooken

b) haven’t took

c) haven’t taken

d) haven’t take

34   Johny … her to dinner several times.

a) has asken

b) has asking

c) has ask

d) has asked

35   We … the tickets.

a) have just buy

b) have just bought

c) have just boughted

d) have just buyed

36   … enough to eat? Yes, I … plenty, thank you.

a) Have you have/have have

b) Had you have/have had

c) Had you have/had have

d) Have you had/have had

37   I … here since 1999

a) lived

b) live

c) have lived

38   … the tomatoes? Yes, I think she … .

a) Has Mary watering/has

b) Has Mary watered/has

c) Has Mary watered/have

d) Has Mary waters/has

39   We … our homework.

a) have finished just

b) just have finished

c) just finished have

d) have just finished

40   Where is your sister? She … to the cinema.

a) has gone

b) gone

c) goes


1 c   2 b   3 c   4 a   5 c   6 c   7 d   8 a   9 c   10 b

11 b   12 b   13 c   14 b   15 c   16 a   17 a   18 c   19 c   20 c

21 c   22 b   23 b   24 a   25 c   26 c   27 c   28 b   29 a   30 b

31 c   32 d   33 c   34 d   35 b   36 d   37 c   38 b   39 b   40 a

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