Choose the correct answer.

 Do you … English?

a) speak

b) speaks

c) spoke

 Mr. White … English and German.

a) teach

b) don’t teach

c) teaches

 Where do they …?

a) work

b) will work

c) worked

 The Moon … around the Earth.

a) went

b) go

c) moves

 Ben never … his homework.

a) do

b) does

c) don’t do

 The girls … the shopping.

a) does

b) do

c) isn’t doing

 I … we go for a walk. It’s a sunny day.

a) suggest

b) will suggest

c) had suggested

 My friend … a sports car.

a) were driving

b) drive

c) drives

 I don’t … German.

a) spoken

b) speak

c) spoke

10   Christine … French very well.

a) speaks

b) is speaking

c) spoke

11   Do you … ice cream?

a) liked

b) will like

c) like

12   Susan … vegetables.

a) didn’t liked

b) like

c) doesn’t like

13   Daniel … two dogs and three cats.

a) has

b) haves

c) have

14   I always … to the airport.

a) hury

b) hurry

c) hurrying

15   Speed driving … many accidents.

a) causes

b) have caused

c) have cause

16   Does Michael … a car?

a) will have

b) have

c) had

17   George never … jeans.

a) wear

b) is wearing

c) wears

18   Does Victor … cricket?

a) will play

b) play

c) was playing

19   He … help now!

a) needs

b) need

c) needed

20   I … apples very much.

a) likes

b) will like

c) like

21   The new restaurant is very good. I highly … it.

a) recommend

b) recommand

c) recommending

22   She … a Porsche.

a) drive

b) driven

c) drives

23   I often … coffee.

a) drinking

b) has drunk

c) drink

24   Antonio rarely … his family.

a) is visiting

b) visits

c) visit

25   I never … my cat.

a) hurt

b) hurting

c) has hurt

26   John … in Paris.

a) live

b) lives

c) is living

27   I often … to the cinema.

a) go

b) goes

c) gone

28   She … in Sydney.

a) is living

b) lives

c) live

29   I won’t tell anybody what you said. I … .

a) promised

b) will promise

c) promise

30   Rice … in Norway.

a) didn’t grew

b) won’t grew

c) didn’t grow

31   … he … to discuss it?

a) Does/refuses

b) Does/refuse

c) Do/refuse

d) Do/refuses

32   … Robin always … an umbrella?

a) Does/carrying

b) Does/carries

c) Does/carry

d) Does/carried

33   … I … too much?

a) Does/worries

b) Do/worries

c) Does/worry

d) Do/worry

34   John … too much TV.

a) watch

b) watches

c) watching

35   Carl … breakfast at 7:30.

a) doesn’t have

b) don’t has

c) don’t have

d) doesn’t has

36   The last train … at midnight.

a) don’t leaves

b) don’t leave

c) doesn’t leave

d) doesn’t leaves

37   … you … at weekends?

a) Do/relaxs

b) Do/relax

c) Do/relaxing

d) Do/relaxes

38   I … to … .

a) like/plays

b) like/play

c) likes/play

d) likes/plays

39   … you … to school every Saturday?

a) Does/goes

b) Does/go

c) Do/goes

d) Do/go

40   … they … newspaper here?

a) Do/sells

b) Does/sells

c) Do/sell

d) Does/sell


1 a   2 c   3 a   4 c   5 b   6 b   7 a   8 c   9 b   10 a

11 c   12 c   13 a   14 b   15 a   16 b   17 c   18 b   19 a   20 c

21 a   22 c   23 c   24 b   25 a   26 b   27 a   28 b   29 c   30 c

31 b   32 c   33 d   34 b   35 a   36 c   37 b   38 b   39 d   40 c

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