Choose the correct answer.

1   Tim … a newspaper now.

a) reads

b) reading

c) is reading

2   Jill … in a hospital.

a) is working

b) works

c) have worked

3   Oh, no! We are late! Nobody opens the door. They … out.

a) have gone

b) went

c) are going

4   She … thirty pancakes today.

a) cooked

b) cooks

c) has cooked

5   The climate … rapidly nowadays.

a) has changed

b) change

c) is changing

6   I … to Spain.

a) was never

b) am never

c) have never been

7   He … at 8 o’clock every day.

a) gets up

b) is getting up

c) has got up

8   You … too loud!

a) always talk

b) talking

c) are always talking

9   Look! Your puppy …!

a) swim

b) is swimming

c) is swiming

10   We all know that the Earth … round.

a) is

b) is being

c) be

11   Oh, no way, I … that man before!

a) saw

b) have seen

c) see

12   The train from Berlin … at 11:15.

a) arrives

b) is arriving

c) arrive

13   I’m fond of history. I often … to museums.

a) went

b) go

c) been

14   My wife usually … a cup of coffee before going to work.

a) drink

b) is drinking

c) drinks

15   I can’t find Mark. It seems he … .

a) already go

b) already went

c) has already gone

16   The sun … in the west.

a) has set

b) sets

c) is setting

17   My plane to Los Angeles … at 07:30. There’re no changes in the timetable.

a) is departing

b) departs

c) depart

18   It’s better to get rid of this toaster. It … more and more insecure.

a) is getting

b) gets

c) has got

19   Steve is very busy. He … a rest very seldom.

a) takes

b) is taking

c) has took

20   It … colder. Do you really want to go out?

a) getting

b) is getting

c) gets

21   I … Alexia since 1999.

a) knew

b) know

c) have known

22   I like to watch thrillers, but now I … a comedy.

a) watching

b) watch

c) am watching

23   Steve and Olivia … friends for many ages.

a) have been

b) are

c) are been

24   Don’t disturb! He … a letter at the moment.

a) writes

b) is writing

c) writing

25   Rachel … in Frankfurt since Sunday.

a) has been

b) was

c) is

26   Robert … the task yet.

a) finishes

b) finishing

c) hasn’t finished

27   Michael … this car for five years.

a) is having

b) has had

c) has

28   Actually, I … apples.

a) don’t like

b) like not

c) am not liking

29   I can bring his umbrella back now. He … from Spain recently.

a) return

b) returning

c) has returned

30   Oh my God! He … the race!

a) has just won

b) win

c) is just win


1 c   2 b   3 a   4 c   5 c   6 c   7 a   8 c   9 b   10 a

11 b   12 a   13 b   14 c   15 c   16 b   17 b   18 a   19 a   20 b

21 c   22 c   23 a   24 b   25 a   26 c   27 b   28 a   29 c   30 a

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