Listening 1

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Daisy and the blonde girl eating sandwiches

2   Jim and the boy putting the chairs out

3   Jill and the girl in the red skirt queuing for lunch

4   Fred and the boy with the glasses in the blue sweater

5   Sally and the girl in green trousers reading at the table


WOMAN:   Hello, Sam. Are you hungry?

BOY:   Oh, hello, Miss Green … yes I am.

WOMAN:   Are these children in your class?

BOY:   Yes, there’s my friend Paul.

WOMAN:   Is he the boy who’s carrying his lunch to the table?

BOY:   Yes, he’s got French fries and an apple.


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl with the long, blonde hair?

BOY:   Do you mean the girl who’s eating sandwiches?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Daisy. I like her.


BOY:   Look at Jim!

WOMAN:   I can’t see him. Where is he?

BOY:   He’s helping Mrs Cross.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. He’s carrying a chair for her.


BOY:   There’s Jill! She’s choosing something to eat.

WOMAN:   Oh … there are two girls there.

BOY:   Yes, but Jill’s the one with the red skirt.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes, I can see now.


WOMAN:   I like Fred’s new glasses.

BOY:   Where is he?

WOMAN:   There! Look, he’s wearing a blue sweater.

BOY:   Oh, sorry. I didn’t see him there.


BOY:   Who’s the new girl? Do you know?

WOMAN:   Which one do you mean?

BOY:   She’s sitting there, reading a book. She’s wearing green trousers.

WOMAN:   Oh, that’s Sally. It’s her first day at this school. Would you like to sit with her?

BOY:   OK. I can help her.

Listening 2

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

Lines should be drawn between:

 Sally and the girl buying fruit

 John and the boy in the orange shirt sitting under the tree

 Jim and the boy on the bike eating an apple

 Daisy and the girl in the pink dress giving an ice cream to the boy

 Jill and the girl looking in her bag, wearing a hat


MAN:   What a lot of people in the market! Do you know any of them?

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s my friend Fred. He’s wearing a red sweater.

MAN:   Look! He’s buying some sausages.

WOMAN:   That’s right. He likes eating them for breakfast.


MAN:   Who’s that girl?

WOMAN:   Where?

MAN:   She’s talking to that man who’s wearing a blue T-shirt.

WOMAN:   Oh, that’s Sally. She’s buying some fruit, I think.


WOMAN:   That’s John there.

MAN:   What’s he doing?

WOMAN:   He’s sitting down, under that tree.

MAN:   Oh, yes. He looks hot and tired.


WOMAN:   I can see Jim. He’s riding his bike.

MAN:   What’s that in his hand?

WOMAN:   Um, he’s eating an apple, I think.

MAN:   Oh, yes.


WOMAN:   There’s my friend Daisy.

MAN:   Where?

WOMAN:   She’s standing next to that boy in blue jeans.

MAN:   Oh, yes. She’s giving him an ice cream.


MAN:   Who’s that girl – the one who’s looking in her bag?

GIRL:   Oh, that’s Jill.

MAN:   I like her hat. You need one on a sunny day like this.

GIRL:   Yes, you do!

Listening 3

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

Answer & Audioscript

Lines should be drawn between:

1   Peter and the man in the white T-shirt, under the clock

2   Sue and the legs sticking out of the water

3   John and the boy with the ball in his hands

4   Pat and the woman in the pink swimming hat

5   Ben and the man in the blue T-shirt and blue trousers


WOMAN:   Can you see Jim? Is he in the water?

BOY:   No, he isn’t. He’s sitting down.

WOMAN:   Is that him, with the yellow towel on his shoulders?

BOY:   Yes, that’s him.


BOY:   The one who’s standing under the clock?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   He’s a swimming teacher.

WOMAN:   What’s his name? Do you know?

BOY:   That’s Peter.


WOMAN:   I’m looking for Sue now. Can you see her?

BOY:   No, I can’t – oh, yes I can! She’s standing on her hands under the water!

WOMAN:   Where? How can you see that?

BOY:   Look, you can only see her legs and feet!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes! I can see her.


WOMAN:   Those two boys are enjoying their name.

BOY:   Yes. I know the bigger one. His name’s John.

WOMAN:   Is he the one with the ball in his hands now?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.


WOMAN:   Where’s Pat? Is she have?

BOY:   Yes. I saw her in the water. There she is. She’s swimming.

WOMAN:   Where?

BOY:   She’s wearing a pink swimming hat.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. She can swim very well.


BOY:   Does Ben work here?

WOMAN:   Yes, he’s here now. I can see him.

BOY:   In the water?

WOMAN:   No. He’s walking next to the pool.

BOY:   In a blue T-shirt and blue trousers?

WOMAN:   Yes.

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