Choose the correct letter a, b or c.

 It’s necessary for you to … a more serious attitude toward your work.

a) become

b) grow

c) develop

 You’d better put this appointment in your … .

a) diary

b) agenda

c) calendar

 A good clock keeps … time.

a) accurate

b) serious

c) true

 Her parents are always … with each other.

a) annoying

b) arguing

c) discussing

 Please take into … the latest information.

a) consider

b) considering

c) consideration

 As long as he … stay for more than a month, he can sleep at my flat.

a) won’t

b) doesn’t

c) didn’t

 … people take part in the traditional games now than ten years ago.

a) Few

b) Less

c) Fewer

 Would you please … me to the post-office?

a) direct

b) signal

c) aim

 According … the map we should take the second right.

a) on

b) to

c) as

10   Would you be … to help me?

a) as kind

b) so kind

c) kind enough

11   His parents told him to keep … sweets.

a) off

b) back

c) up

12   I … to open the door at the back of the house.

a) succeeded

b) managed

c) forced

13   Is anyone … to smoke in this room?

a) admitted

b) let

c) allowed

14   I thank you, … my colleagues, for the welcome you have given us.

a) instead of

b) because of

c) on behalf of

15   What a terrible movie! I think … .

a) I cry

b) I’m crying

c) I’m going to cry

16   Because it hadn’t rained for several weeks, there was a … of water.

a) shortage

b) drop

c) waste

17   It’s no use … a language if you don’t try to speak it too.

a) to learn

b) learning

c) learned

18   She wouldn’t go swimming … her boyfriend went too.

a) also

b) but

c) unless

19   They have bought them … expensive new furniture.

a) those

b) some

c) these

20   My grandfather is so old that he gets tired … his teeth.

a) to brush

b) of brushing

c) brush

21   That specific rule is not … in this case.

a) applied

b) apply

c) applicable

22   He is probably the most … tennis-player of all times.

a) success

b) succeed

c) successful

23   I tried to prevent my cat … running into the street.

a) from

b) to

c) for

24   It was … that we went for a picnic in the outskirts.

a) so nice a day

b) such nice day

c) such a nice day

25   If I had known …, he could have been invited to speak at the ceremony.

a) who he was

b) he was who

c) whom he was

26   My main … to the new road plan is that it will spoil the view.

a) objective

b) objection

c) object

27   They love this painting of an old woman. She has such a beautiful, … smile.

a) childlike

b) childish

c) childhood

28   Prehistoric man … the first steps in building civilization.

a) take

b) has taken

c) took

29   You’d better leave now … there’s a lot of traffic on the way.

a) in time

b) in order

c) in case

30   You’ll have to have … if you want to film here.

a) a permit

b) an allowance

c) an admission


1 c   2 a   3 a   4 b   5 c   6 b   7 c   8 a   9 b   10 c

11 a   12 b   13 c   14 c   15 c   16 a   17 b   18 c   19 b   20 b

21 c   22 c   23 a   24 c   25 a   26 b   27 a   28 c   29 c   30 a

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