Choose the correct answer.

1   I suggest … the “meal of the day” rather than fish.

a) to have

b) we have

c) for us having

2   Her father won’t … to my marrying Olivia.

a) agree

b) allow

c) approve

3   It was way to hot. I couldn’t … it any longer.

a) carry

b) hold

c) stand

4   They had always liked the sea … they moved to the Coast.

a) so

b) since

c) such

5   Just keep .. on him, will you?

a) a look

b) an eye

c) a care

6   By the time you receive this message, I … for China.

a) will leave

b) have left

c) will have left

7   You can depend … me.

a) in

b) of

c) on

8   I invested a lot of money … residential buildings.

a) in

b) for

c) at

9   She is trying to lose weight by … sweets.

a) cutting down at

b) stopping down at

c) cutting down on

10   The terrorist tried to persuade the hostage that he was neither … nor … . He was just interested in calling attention to his cause.

a) impeccable/sincere

b) antagonistic/vindictive

c) recalcitrant/clandestine

11   The professor was surprised that her English was so … .

a) liquid

b) definite

c) fluent

12   I went to … some pictures by a renowned painter.

a) watch

b) look at

c) see to

13   If it … fine, she shall go out.

a) was

b) were

c) is

14   The idea of a balanced diet is difficult to … in this group.

a) put across

b) take in

c) make over

15   There was a small room into … we all gathered.

a) where

b) that

c) which

16   You … go to dentist’s.

a) rather

b) ought to

c) better

17   His speech was interesting at first, but it was … long.

a) so much

b) far too

c) too much

18   The soldier has been on … for twenty-four hours without a break.

a) work

b) job

c) duty

19   When she braked on the icy road, the car … .

a) slid

b) slipped

c) skidded

20   This is the … building in the city.

a) oldest

b) elder

c) elderly

21   You must put your name on this side and then sign on the … side.

a) other

b) under

c) back

22   I will always … our wonderful holidays.

a) reflect

b) remind

c) remember

23   The Prime Minister … his intention to retire.

a) told

b) announced

c) informed

24   As the child walked through the fields, he heard sheep … .

a) braying

b) bleating

c) crying

25   I’m afraid I can’t comment … your project yet.

a) about

b) with

c) on

26   Steve was employed … a factory in 2010.

a) in

b) to

c) by

27   It was such a good weather that I decided to go … .

a) fish

b) fishing

c) to fishing

28   I think she … you my regards when you met two days ago.

a) gave

b) has given

c) give

29   Not … did she refuse to speak to me, but she also blamed me for failing.

a) even

b) at all

c) only

30   “To come through flying colours” means:

a) to succeed in one’s study

b) to accomplish something with great success

c) to be understood loud and clear


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 a   5 b   6 c   7 c   8 a   9 c   10 b

11 c   12 b   13 c   14 a   15 c   16 b   17 b   18 c   19 c   20 a

21 a   22 c   23 b   24 b   25 c   26 a   27 b   28 a   29 c   30 b

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