Choose the correct letter a, b or c.

 The boy … rode a blue bicycle, passed my house two hours ago.

a) who

b) whose

c) whom

 I am so … that I must have a drink.

a) hungry

b) thirty

c) thirsty

 The medical doctor … daughter we met yesterday works at this hospital.

a) whom

b) whose

c) which

 He hoped the … agency would find him a job.

a) employee

b) employer

c) employment

 This center is an interesting … .

a) develop

b) developing

c) development

 I will wait until she … her project.

a) will have finished

b) will finish

c) has finished

 She asks me what time the train … to Madrid?

a) come

b) gets

c) reaches

 I would like to show you my latest … .

a) creation

b) creative

c) creatively

 When did … come to the village?

a) electric

b) electrified

c) electricity

10   Regarding certain tasks, computers can work 100,000 times … any person.

a) faster than

b) fast than

c) more fast than

11   She and her husband haven’t been happy. They were advised to go to the Marriage … Council.

a) Guiding

b) Guidance

c) Guide

12   I’ve got time for a quick … before I go.

a) feast

b) snack

c) barbecue

13   … able to take part in the contest three years from now, he works hard in his class.

a) Being

b) Been

c) In order to be

14   If only she … told me the truth, things wouldn’t have gone so wrong.

a) had

b) should have

c) has

15   I’ll just … the fried egg to see if it’s all right.

a) cut

b) taste

c) cut

16   Although he is over 80, he is very … for his age.

a) tense

b) uneasy

c) active

17   She was an … writer because she persuaded many people to see the truth.

a) accurate

b) influential

c) unlimited

18   The contents of this shop were insured … 100,000 euros.

a) from

b) on

c) for

19   What kind of … was used for the frame of this house?

a) tree

b) twig

c) timber

20   The kid … himself under a table.

a) concealed

b) sat

c) spotted

21   Last night, two thousand euros … stolen.

a) was

b) were

c) have been

22   She … a great fortune from her grandparents.

a) offered

b) had

c) inherited

23   The two sisters greatly … each other. They are exactly alike.

a) care of

b) resemble

c) care of

24   She is nor responsible. She’s … .

a) careful

b) smart

c) irresponsible

25   She was the first woman … her seat in Parliament.

a) taking

b) to take

c) took

26   The mountain village was very small. There were only … houses.

a) many

b) little

c) a few

27   Not only … the book, but she had seen the film as well.

a) had she read

b) has she read

c) she did read

28   … if you take the map with you.

a) You will get lost

b) You get lost

c) You won’t get lost

29   Please … the radio. It’s too noisy.

a) turn in

b) turn up

c) turn down

30   I know for … why she handed in her resignation.

a) exact

b) certain

c) true


1 a   2 c   3 b   4 c   5 c   6 c   7 b   8 a   9 c   10 a

11 b   12 b   13 c   14 a   15 b   16 c   17 b   18 c   19 c   20 a

21 a   22 c   23 b   24 c   25 b   26 c   27 a   28 c   29 c   30 b

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