Choose the correct letter a, b or c.

 Olive suddenly stopped speaking to him on the phone and the conversation came to an … end.

a) acute

b) abrupt

c) arid

 There are editions of Shakespeare’s historical plays where they are … to make them shorter.

a) abridged

b) acquired

c) accented

 Towards the end of the race a few were showing signs of tiredness and were clearly … .

a) failing

b) flagging

c) flogging

 She took no notice of the reviews of her acting and was quite … to some of the sarcastic comments.

a) immediate

b) important

c) impervious

 The secret of a interview is to get straight to the point and ask … questions.

a) introducing

b) incisive

c) inductive

 Her explanations for being late were always so reasonable and totally … that he believed her.

a) plausible

b) pleasant

c) perceptive

 He became uneasy and was beginning to sense … about his investment.

a) quavers

b) qualms

c) queries

 Many of the safety instructions seem unnecessary and often quite … to the average person.

a) superfluous

b) superb

c) superficial

 She found herself at the edge of the cliff in a … position.

a) pertinent

b) peculiar

c) precarious

10   Everything about the village was what you’d call … because all the houses were well looked after and reminded you of a time long since gone.

a) quiet

b) quaint

c) queer

11   In some 18th century novels you see the very poor conditions people lived in that can only be described as … misery.

a) object

b) reject

c) abject

12   TV can give you an idea of how people live in different countries as it can … scenes from every day life.

a) deter

b) delineate

c) depict

13   This is a shortened version of what happened and has been … to fit into the newspaper.

a) attuned

b) abbreviated

c) adopted

14   It was obvious from the … looks he kept giving that he hadn’t paid for the items of clothing.

a) famous

b) fugitive

c) furtive

15   The actor seemed to convey the whole range of human emotions, what you might call the complete … from beginning to end.

a) gamut

b) grasp

c) gamble

16   We only heard a … account of what the reporter was describing.

a) garbled

b) gambled

c) garrulous

17   The professor found it quite … to try and teach the students because they refused to listen.

a) feeble

b) futile

c) festive

18   The university decided to give their … an honorary degree after the donation.

a) benefactor

b) benefit

c) believer

19   I have no wish to disregard or … your achievements.

a) belittle

b) bemoan

c) betoken

20   His attempt to make fun of the situation was considered to be in bad taste and … in the extreme.

a) facetious

b) febrile

c) fertile

21   We find it difficult to imagine where we come from and believe that we are in fact … from apes.

a) devolved

b) departed

c) descended

22   He was arrested for being outside the house with … to burgle it.

a) intent

b) reason

c) purpose

23   Not only did she pay for them to go on holiday but she … provided them with spending money.

a) too

b) also

c) either

24   I don’t mind sleeping here as anything is … to sleeping in a tent.

a) preferred

b) preferable

c) preferring

25   I have my doubts about him and must admit to being … of him.

a) suspecting

b) suspected

c) suspicious

26   You needn’t worry about that regulation because it doesn’t … to your situation.

a) adhere

b) apply

c) attach

27   They published a report clearing the minister of any guilt and … that he had acted correctly.

a) concluded

b) confided

c) conferred

28   They are twins but are not at all alike physically but are not … from one another in attitude.

a) different

b) separate

c) diverse

29   Like all philosophers in … of truth he is always looking for new perspectives.

a) reach

b) sight

c) search

30   It’s not so much a problem … a challenge to our efforts.

a) since

b) it

c) as


1 b   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 b   6 a   7 b   8 a   9 c   10 b

11 c   12 c   13 b   14 c   15 a   16 a   17 b   18 a   19 a   20 a

21 c   22 a   23 b   24 b   25 c   26 b   27 a   28 a   29 c   30 c

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