Choose the correct letter a, b or c.

 Such a piece of information cannot be released into the public … .

a) domain

b) domestic

c) dominion

 They run the risk of facing a … if they break the official secrets act.

a) back store

b) back strike

c) backlash

3   There is a … inquiry into specific information.

a) high profile

b) high brow

c) high drama

 The more you try to conceal information about an event, the more it fuels … about it.

a) spectacle

b) speculation

c) speculative

 You will get … by authorities if you dare reveal this report.

a) rave

b) savaged

c) wild

 The officer will … what can be disclosed.

a) sign

b) seal

c) signal

 Once the disclosure is … it’s her job to analyze the facts.

a) hightailed

b) heightened

c) highlighted

 The public can see through the … of a weak argument.

a) clarity

b) clearness

c) transparency

9   This is likely to … a threat to the safety of the community.

a) start

b) pose

c) place

10   This small country is a … for troublemakers.

a) heaven

b) location

c) port

11   Today the government is … plans for a new highway.

a) unveiling

b) opening

c) showing

12   The plan is about trying to … stealing in the country.

a) kill

b) curb

c) confuse

13   The new conference system will be … next academic year.

a) introduced

b) welcomed

c) enforced

14   They should be taught to respect other people’s property and … .

a) added

b) additions

c) belongings

15   She will have to stand up in front of her colleagues and … to being a thief.

a) confess

b) conduce

c) conform

16   The … said the Prime Minister was sick.

a) spoken person

b) spokesperson

c) speaking person

17   Last month we had to give an important address to an international … .

a) assembled

b) assembly

c) assembling

18   … of the speech she told funny stories.

a) In case

b) Intend

c) Instead

19   The audience didn’t see the funny … of her stories.

a) edge

b) part

c) line

20   The presenter cannot continue with the news because someone has … the next page.

a) misread

b) mistaken

c) misappropriated


1 a   2 c   3 a   4 b   5 b   6 c   7 c   8 c   9 b   10 a

11 a   12 b   13 a   14 c   15 a   16 b   17 b   18 c   19 c   20 c

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