Choose the correct answer.

1   They have … to accommodate us and the children too.

a) such a small house

b) too small a house

c) a too small house

2   After they had … the carpet, the employees went back to the office.

a) laid

b) lain

c) lied

3   It will … be Christmas again.

a) fast

b) next

c) soon

4   Be careful not to … your coffee on this rug.

a) drip

b) spill

c) filter

5   Mary had to leave her family … when she went abroad to work.

a) at all costs

b) out

c) behind

6   Metal … at high temperatures.

a) grows

b) expands

c) enlarges

7   Because of the poor harvest, cereals prices have … in the last three months.

a) gone up

b) jumped up

c) sprung up

8   I’m … worried about Mary; she always seems to be exhausted.

a) as

b) such

c) so

9   I have difficulty … without glasses.

a) read

b) of reading

c) in reading

10   He arrived rather late. The party was already … .

a) in full swing

b) at full tilt

c) in full bloom

11   My neighbour plays his records … in his flat at night and nobody can get enough sleep.

a) at full tilt

b) at full blast

c) in full cry

12   It’s unwise to … in a quarrel between husbands.

a) involve

b) poke

c) interfere

13   I will … the project with other members and see what they think about it.

a) discuss

b) talk

c) explain

14   The poor farmer was very angry … the dogs chasing his sheep.

a) about

b) because

c) with

15   I think she’s quite honest … her intentions.

a) about

b) with

c) in

16   I will be waiting … them at the entrance door.

a) on

b) for

c) at

17   It’s no use complaining … the cold during winter.

a) of

b) from

c) on

18   Manufacturers are now … of the latest credit restrictions.

a) smelling the rat

b) feeling the pinch

c) cooking the books

19   This music type is an American art form which is now … in Europe through the efforts of expatriates.

a) foundering

b) waning

c) flourishing

20   She was … disappointed when she learned that she hadn’t got the job she dreamt of.

a) fully

b) highly

c) bitterly

21   They have … the castle and it is now a luxury hotel.

a) undone

b) remade

c) transformed

22   I … so much last night: I feel terrible.

a) shouldn’t have eaten

b) mustn’t have eaten

c) didn’t have to eat

23   The man stole one of the officers’ uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself … as a guard.

a) out

b) off

c) through

24   … we set off in the next minutes, we’ll be there on time.

a) In case

b) So long

c) Provided

25   If he drinks any more beer, I don’t think he’ll be … to football this afternoon.

a) skilled

b) capable

c) fit

26   My manager’s … of my work doesn’t matter to me at all.

a) opinion

b) belief

c) meaning

27   The recent … domestic violence is worrying the police.

a) increase in

b) increase of

c) increase about

28   There’s … to hurry.

a) no purpose

b) no need

c) impossible

29   The officers … the kidnapper from escaping by blocking all exits.

a) allowed

b) avoided

c) prevented

30   This meat isn’t suitable … .

a) the grill

b) for grilling

c) being grilled


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 b   5 c   6 b   7 a   8 c   9 c   10 a

11 b   12 c   13 a   14 a   15 c   16 b   17 a   18 b   19 c   20 c

21 c   22 a   23 b   24 c   25 c   26 a   27 a   28 b   29 c   30 b

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