Choose the correct answer.

1   They take too much … of his kindness.

a) profit

b) use

c) advantage

2   I can easily … you up for the night.

a) put

b) take

c) keep

3   My car is very old, but I can’t … to buy a new one.

a) achieve

b) reach

c) afford

4   Two passengers were killed and the other was … injured.

a) hardly

b) severely

c) unusually

5   After ten years the bedroom wallpaper had considerably … .

a) faded

b) mixed

c) lighted

6   My attempt to pass the final exam was … .

a) unmerciful

b) unhelpful

c) unsuccessful

7   She … at the Latin College for French.

a) enlisted

b) inscribed

c) enrolled

8   I admit I suffer from a … of patience with old people.

a) lack

b) limit

c) shortage

9   The building is in good … though it needs to be painted.

a) state

b) condition

c) position

10   I can’t be sure I’ll be there in time. I … be late.

a) should

b) must

c) may

11   His suit didn’t … him properly.

a) meet

b) fit

c) frame

12   She may be quick … understanding, but she’s not capable of doing it.

a) at

b) in

c) for

13   We have some important business to attend … .

a) with

b) at

c) to

14   Steve, you should not boast … your success.

a) of

b) with

c) from

15   I’m sorry, I haven’t got … change.

a) all

b) any

c) lots

16   An oppressive …, and not the festive mood characterized the mood of the gathering.

a) senility

b) inanity

c) solemnity

17   I think it’s … your luck to drive without a license.

a) risking

b) tempting

c) pushing

18   If you looked back far enough, you would see that you are … related to Karl Marx.

a) distantly

b) slightly

c) previously

29   I can’t understand it; your handwriting is … .

a) illegible

b) illicit

c) illusive

20   Hello! You … be the new employee.

a) could

b) should

c) must

21   Last year the cereals harvest was disappointing, but this year it looks as if we shall have a better … .

a) crop

b) amount

c) product

22   She was in … of a large number of men.

a) direction

b) leadership

c) charge

23   Tom was born during the last war, which would … him about 50 now.

a) give

b) make

c) calculate

24   The actor never married, choosing to remain … all his life.

a) separate

b) single

c) individual

25   The consultant showed me … the washing machine.

a) the working of

b) to work

c) how to use

26   The driver failed to signal his … to turn left.

a) idea

b) purpose

c) intention

27   I wish you wouldn’t call her … that name.

a) by

b) with

c) under

28   I had … reached the park when I saw everyone leaving.

a) quite

b) almost

c) rather

29   She tried to … to see him at least once a week.

a) call up

b) come on

c) drop in

30   No, Kate isn’t stupid. …, she’s rather clever.

a) Now

b) Currently

c) Actually


1 c   2 a   3 c   4 b   5 a   6 c   7 c   8 a   9 b   10 c

11 b   12 a   13 c   14 a   14 b   16 c   17 c   18 a   19 a   20 c

21 a   22 c   23 b   24 b   25 c   26 c   27 a   28 b   29 c   30 c

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