Choose the correct answer.

1   From now on, everything will be … sailing, I hope.

a) plain

b) simple

c) pretty

2   She could hardly … such a generous offer.

a) turn for

b) turn off

c) turn down

3   Tom has made his money by developing a travel … .

a) shop

b) business

c) affair

4   Do you believe … all that nonsense? I honestly don’t.

a) in

b) to

c) at

5   I’m not sure … the exact date.

a) with

b) of

c) for

6   She’s not capable … bringing up this child.

a) of

b) on

c) for

7   Steven was born … .

a) without wedlock

b) out of a wedlock

c) out of wedlock

8   Although he has travelled extensively, he has never been … .

a) to the Antipodes

b) at Antipodes

c) to Antipodes

9   At that hour, the street was … as people were fast asleep in bed.

a) denuded

b) deserted

c) devastated

10   Artists struggle with the conflict between … their own talent and knowledge that very few succeed.

a) faith in

b) neglect of

c) dissolution to

11   My house isn’t difficult to find. It’s … the high school.

a) against

b) beside

c) between

12   A lot of my friends have … smoking in the last year.

a) put off

b) given up

c) held back

13   Please tell me … there is anything special that you would like to eat.

a) which

b) so

c) if

14   I’m making you responsible for this report. Please see … it that it is finished on time.

a) for

b) into

c) to

15   Olivia suggested … to the cinema together.

a) that we should go

b) us to go

c) we are going

16   It will be mostly cloudy, with … of rain in the west.

a) bursts

b) outbreaks

c) times

17   I … of people who smoke.

a) dislike

b) distrust

c) disapprove

18   Jane bought a new … for the party.

a) dress

b) clothes

c) vest

19   When the organization got a new computer, we had to … a programming course.

a) do

b) make

c) study

20   This history lesson seemed to go … .

a) over and over

b) on and on

c) off and on

21   I know her by …, but I don’t what her name is.

a) sight

b) heart

c) chance

22   The bus burst into … but the driver managed to escape.

a) heat

b) fire

c) flames

23   I know Jane is slow … understanding, but please be patient.

a) to

b) at

c) on

24   I’ll be absent … class this week.

a) from

b) at

c) to

25   It gives me … to introduce her.

a) great pleasure

b) a great pleasure

c) much pleasures

26   They … in Germany for more than two years now.

a) were staying

b) are staying

c) have been staying

27   Look, I’m not drunk. I am as … as a judge.

a) calm

b) sober

c) clear

28   The working atmosphere has gone downhill. You have a lot to … for.

a) agree

b) abide

c) answer

29   That incident happened because of the … of the employees.

a) infallible

b) negligence

c) diligence

30   “A sore point” means:

a) a very dangerous crossroads

b) a matter that irritates or hurts when it is brought up

c) a blister on a foot


1 a   2 c   3 b   4 a   5 b   6 a   7 c   8 a   9 b   10 a

11 b   12 b   13 c   14 c   15 a   16 b   17 c   18 a   19 a   20 b

21 a   22 c   23 b   24 a   25 a   26 c   27 b   28 c   29 b   30 b

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