Choose the correct answer.

1   These cars historically had two doors but the latest … has four.

a) brand

b) mark

c) model

2   That girl is far ahead … everyone else in the class.

a) of

b) with

c) from

3   She is also interested … art.

a) with

b) in

c) about

4   It’s impossible to prevent the boys from quarreling … each other.

a) for

b) with

c) by

5   I’m thinking … looking for a new job in another city.

a) on

b) at

c) of

6   Steve prefers football … tennis.

a) to

b) over

c) than

7   The experience in a psychiatric ward … for the rest of his life.

a) had an influence on him

b) had influence on him

c) had an influence at him

8   If I had known the way to her house, I … her last Monday afternoon.

a) have been visiting

b) had been visiting

c) would have visited

9   He … that he had been involved in the decision.

a) refused

b) declined

c) denied

10   As brown as … . This phrase means having a tanned skin after sunbathing.

a) dust

b) a berry

c) chocolate

11   It’s an awful … your friend couldn’t come.

a) shame

b) sorrow

c) shock

12   There is a problem at our TV station. Please do not … your set.

a) repair

b) change

c) adjust

13   Be careful! The cat may … you.

a) kick

b) scratch

c) tear

14   They agreed to … the question of payment.

a) discuss

b) control

c) increase

15   Owing to the bad weather, the garden party was … .

a) shouted off

b) spoken against

c) called off

16   I am sorry I opened your bag but I … it for mine.

a) confused

b) imagined

c) mistook

17   The … of these volunteers for hard work is remarkable.

a) ability

b) efficiency

c) capacity

18   I like this country, but I wish it … rain quite so much.

a) won’t

b) didn’t

c) hasn’t

19   She was so tired that she … asleep in the chair.

a) fell

b) went

c) became

20   Mike has just taken an examination … chemistry.

a) on

b) in

c) for

21   They shouldn’t have … the incident. It wasn’t my fault.

a) accused me of

b) blamed me for

c) blamed me

22   They won’t lend you the money without some … that you will pay it back.

a) profit

b) charge

c) guarantee

23   When you come tomorrow why not … your brother with you?

a) carry

b) bring

c) fetch

24   After she had broken her leg, Marry could only go up and down stairs … .

a) with difficulty

b) in difficulties

c) hardly

25   Who does this laptop belong … ?

a) for

b) with

c) to

26   All her handbags … of leather.

a) being made

b) are made

c) had been made

27   John is the perfect person to take on this difficult job. He’s a really hard-… person and won’t stand for any nonsense.

a) ship

b) nosed

c) bargain

28   What does a sabbatical year mean?

a) a miserable year

b) a year in which previously made plans are bound to

c) a year in which one is released from one’s normal duties

29   It always … me as odd that she should go to work so late in the day.

a) hit

b) smacked

c) struck

30   I walked away as calmly as I could … they thought I was the thief.

a) in case

b) or else

c) to avoid


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 b   5 c   6 a   7 a   8 c   9 c   10 b

11 a   12 c   13 b   14 a   15 c   16c   17 c   18 b   19 a   20 b

21 b   22 c   23 b   24 a   25 c   26 b   27 b   28 c   29 c   30 a

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