Choose the correct answer.

1   When the director went to China on business his … took over all his duties.

a) officer

b) deputy

c) caretaker

2   She saw the plane crash when its engines … .

a) failed

b) struck

c) held

3   You are going to come to the meeting, …?

a) will you

b) do you

c) aren’t you

4   You will not finish that project by tomorrow unless you … some help.

a) get

b) would get

c) will get

5   It’s difficult to pay my bills when prices keep … .

a) rising

b) gaining

c) raising

6   After the death of her father, she was brought … by her uncle.

a) round

b) about

c) up

7   Why did the police suspect you? It doesn’t make … to me.

a) right

b) sense

c) truth

8   When they heard that their children had crossed the road without looking, they told them they … do  it again.

a) mustn’t

b) needn’t

c) didn’t need to

9   He went to Germany hoping to find a teaching … .

a) work

b) occupation

c) post

10   I can’t … what they are doing; it’s way too dark down there.

a) look into

b) make out

c) see through

11   This country has … good transport.

a) the

b) a

c) very

12   I’d like you to meet a very good friend of …, Dave.

a) me

b) my

c) mine

13   We travelled to Australia by the most … route.

a) direct

b) unique

c) easy

14   This film is based … a novel.

a) of

b) on

c) in

15   I should be grateful … any advice you can give regarding this situation.

a) for

b) about

c) with

16   I was shocked … her indifference!

a) on

b) with

c) at

17   The manager has just gone on her … leave. She gets three weeks’ holiday a year.

a) regular

b) annual

c) regular

18   He have … this minute left for the city centre.

a) ever

b) already

c) just

19   To my …, a pandemic is more dangerous than nuclear arms.

a) mind

b) view

c) disbelief

20   They are always … with each other about investments.

a) shouting

b) arguing

c) annoying

21   I took that faulty laptop back to the shop where I’d bought it and asked the … if they would change it for me.

a) clerk

b) official

c) assistant

22   I … to the cinema last night. I’m so tired now.

a) had not to go

b) shouldn’t have gone

c) haven’t had to go

23   You will spend at least one year working in this company … you can find out how things operate here.

a) so that

b) so as to

c) because

24   I can … with most things but I cannot stand lies.

a) put aside

b) put up

c) put off

25   I think she is … her time looking for a job here.

a) losing

b) wasting

c) missing

26   It is a very good idea to be … dressed when you have a business meeting.

a) finely

b) smartly

c) boldly

27   I was pleased to see how … he looked after his recent COVID-19 illness.

a) well

b) pleasant

c) nice

28   Let’s … across this field instead of going by the road.

a) set

b) come

c) cut

29   Tell me … about your holiday in Spain.

a) every

b) much

c) all

30   It’s fairly rude to interrupt when someone is … .

a) talking

b) saying

c) discussing


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 a   5 a   6 c   7 b   8 a   9 c   10 b

11 c   12 c   13 a   14 b   15 a   16 c   17 b   18 c   19 a   20 b

21 c   22 b   23 a   24 b   25 b   26 b   27 a   28 c   29 c   30 a

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