Choose the correct letter a, b or c.

 Many people … tried but no one has succeeded so far.

a) did

b) have

c) were

 This is so boring that it’s like watching paint … .

a) dry

b) has dried

c) dries

 By the end of this year I realize I … writing books for 6 years.

a) shall have

b) shall have been

c) will be

 Do you mind … the door as I find it hot in here?

a) opened

b) to open

c) opening

 I honestly think that the time … come when we should celebrate my success.

a) has

b) having

c) had

 How anyone … to live in those conditions is difficult to imagine.

a) manages

b) managed

c) is managing

 … you ever heard of this writer before?

a) Will

b) Did

c) Have

 That dog … all day long.

a) is always barking

b) always is barking

c) does always bark

 We were eating dinner when the lights … out.

a) goes

b) go

c) went

10   No one … believe your story when you tell them.

a) is

b) will

c) has

11   … me if I’ve told you this before.

a) Stop

b) Stopped

c) Stopping

12   Long … the company!

a) lived

b) lives

c) live

13   Sometimes I wish I … what the future holds.

a) know

b) knew

c) known

14   At times, she is glad that she … know what the future holds.

a) doesn’t

b) didn’t

c) hadn’t

15   Let’s … there tomorrow if it’s fine.

a) going

b) goes

c) go

16   Try … the door really hard if you want to open it.

a) pushes

b) pushing

c) pushed

17   Try … there irregular verbs.

a) learned

b) to learn

c) learning

18   I really appreciate your … me at this difficult time.

a) helping

b) help

c) helped

19   I look forward to … you again soon.

a) see

b) seen

c) seeing

20   Please come back soon and … the work you started.

a) finish

b) finished

c) finishing

21   The castle … built in the 14th century.

a) has been

b) was

c) is

22   Is he … arrested as we speak?

a) been

b) be

c) being

23   All these buildings … neglected for decades.

a) have been

b) are being

c) will be

24   There’s no doubt that they … delighted when they see her tomorrow.

a) have been

b) had been

c) will be

25   That building … left unoccupied since 1970.

a) would be

b) has been

c) would being

26   The children … taken to school by bus.

a) had

b) have

c) are

27   This package … never been opened before I opened it this morning.

a) was

b) had

c) is

28   That ceremony … enacted on next Friday.

a) is being

b) is

c) has been

29   How many times have you … your car broken into?

a) have

b) had

c) be

30   I’m sorry you can’t come in at the moment. I … the house decorated right now.

a) will have

b) have had

c) am having


1 b   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 a   6 b   7 c   8 a   9 c   10 b

11 a   12 c   13 b   14 a   15 c   16 b   17 b   18 a   19 c   20 a

21 b   22 c   23 a   24 c   25 b   26 c   27 b   28 a   29 b   30 c

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