Choose the correct letter a, b or c.

 I told her I … just going out for a walk.

a) was

b) would

c) am

 She asked me what I … with the paint brush.

a) did do

b) have done

c) had done

 They told me … carefully on the icy roads.

a) to be driven

b) to drive

c) to driven

 I wonder what … happened while I was away.

a) was

b) had

c) has

 My girlfriend wonders why I never … abroad by plane.

a) travel

b) has travelled

c) will have travelled

 All I was doing was simply … polite conversation.

a) made

b) makes

c) making

 Steve was wondering what … prompted him to take no notice at all.

a) having

b) has

c) had

 I was asking myself what in all honesty Mary … do next.

a) shall

b) would

c) had

 The man actually denied … anything.

a) done

b) did

c) doing

10   He demanded … what was happening.

a) to know

b) know

c) knowing

11   What … be doing this time tomorrow?

a) have you

b) will you

c) were you

12   … go if you like because I have to do some shopping.

a) I’ll

b) I’d

c) I’ve

13   I … simply wait until she comes back.

a) am

b) do

c) shall

14   She was quite definite about it and assured me she … come.

a) shall

b) would

c) will

15   If they … arrive late, they will miss the opening party.

a) do

b) had

c) would

16   I really hope I … see you again.

a) did

b) would

c) shall

17   What … happen to the family if she loses all her money?

a) will

b) is

c) does

18   … be buying the flat or haven’t you decided yet?

a) Were you

b) Will you

c) Did you

19   I’m sure they … get married and live happily.

a) did

b) have

c) will

20   What do you … to do when you leave college?

a) wants

b) want

c) wanting

21   No sooner … I shut the door than the smartphone rang.

a) did

b) have

c) had

22   By the time I had reached the top of the mountain, I … extremely tired.

a) have felt

b) felt

c) am feeling

23   When he was only twenty years old, he … already experienced more things than most people.

a) had

b) was

c) has

24   The witness … everyone that he hadn’t had anything to do with the murder.

a) convinced

b) convinces

c) has convinced

25   I asked her why she … telephoned earlier.

a) didn’t

b) hasn’t

c) hadn’t

26   Actually, I had … it to Marry before I set out.

a) mention

b) mentioned

c) mentioning

27   I admit I … thought how the story would finish before I read the book.

a) haven’t

b) hadn’t

c) aren’t

28   I’d had scarcely any time to think about it before they … me for my view.

a) asked

b) did ask

c) had asked

29   She realized she … left it in the car.

a) has

b) wouldn’t

c) had

30   It … a great shock to us because she hadn’t said a word for many years.

a) will be

b) was

c) is


1 a   2 c   3 b   4 b   5 a   6 c   7 c   8 b   9 c   10 a

11 b   12 a   13 c   14 b   15 a   16 c   17 a   18 b   19 c   20 b

21 c   22 b   23 a   24 a   25 c   26 b   27 b   28 a   29 c   30 b

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