1   Reading

Read about the photo. Underline the correct answers.

 Joel is six / thirty-six.

 Lucio and Joel have a small / big home.

 They live in Italy / Brazil.

 Lucio works with children / computers.

 Lucio is / isn’t married.

 Vanessa isa university teacher / student.

 She lives in / is from Brazil.

 Vanessa, Lucio and Joel are / aren’t happy.

This is my brother Lucio and his beautiful son Joel. Joel is six years old. They’re at home in this picture. They live in a big house in Milan – it’s very nice. Lucio works with computers. He has an office in the city centre. His wife isn’t in the photo. Her name’s Vanessa. She’s Brazilian. She teaches at the university in Milan. She’s very funny. They’re a happy family!


2 big   3 Italy   4 computers   5 is   6 teacher   7 is from   8 are

2   Writing Skills – Word order

a   Tick (✓) the correct sentences.

1 a   We don’t work.  

   b   We work don’t.

2 a   We have a big meal in the evening.

   b   We have in the evening a big meal.

3 a   They don’t have a pencil in their bag.

   b   They don’t have in their bag a pencil.

4 a   We play at school football.

   b   We play football at school.

5 a   I like in my tea sugar.

   b   I like sugar in my tea.

6 a   She doesn’t in London work.

   b   She doesn’t work in London.

b   Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1   his daughters / this / is / my friend /with .

     ___This is my friend with his daughters.___

2   family / lovely / a / they’re .


3   here / I / live / don’t .


4   Ruben and Cara / these / children / are / my .


5   a / Mexico / have / flat / small / I / City / in .


6   English / at / sister / my / university / studies .




2 a   3 a   4 b   5 b   6 b


2   They’re a lovely family.

3   I don’t live here.

4   These are my children Ruben and Cara.

5   l have a small flat in Mexico City.

6   My sister studies English at university.

3   Writing

Write a caption for a favourite photo of you with your friends or family. Remember to give information about:

•   who the people are

•   where they are

•   what job or studies they do.




Suggested answer

This is me with my friends Kerry and Rob. They’re married. We’re at their house. It’s a new house — it’s very big and it’s very nice! Kerry teaches young children and Rob is the manager of a café. He’s very funny.

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