Choose the correct answer.

1   It looks awful – these colours … .

a) crash

b) hash

c) clash

2   After what you’ve …, I’m sure you need a holiday.

a) felt

b) acted

c) experienced

3   We won’t … that now but I don’t think we can avoid the subject much longer.

a) enter

b) discuss

c) introduce

4   … now that I’ve heard what he has done.

a) I don’t think at all of him

b) I think often of him

c) I think a lot of him

5   My advice to you is to simply take … .

a) the opportunity hardly

b) the opportunity slowly

c) the opportunity soon

6   The food has been too long out of the fridge and now it has become … .

a) rotten

b) stale

c) flat

7   There were so many members who had … the leader that he resigned.

a) apposed

b) opposed

c) invited

8   Don’t wait for me. You … and I’ll join you later.

a) go by me

b) go before me

c) go forwards me

9   If petrol prices … any more, I shall have to use a bicycle.

a) develop

b) ascend

c) increase

10   Please … from where I stopped you. I’m sorry.

a) continue

b) speak

c) finish

11   I reckon I could beat you at chess … day of the week.

a) each

b) every

c) any

12   At the … of the day it’s what you believe in that’s important.

a) finish

b) end

c) start

13   It’s getting late now and I’m very tired so I think we’ll … it a day.

a) call

b) name

c) label

14   It was our speaker who … the day.

a) scored

b) won

c) ended

15   It didn’t stop raining throughout my holiday, day in day … .

a) under

b) up

c) out

16   Don’t worry your bad luck will soon end. Remember every … has its day.

a) mouse

b) dog

c) cat

17   The lovers decided at last to … the day.

a) state

b) hold

c) name

18   It wasn’t long ago when I last saw Mary – it was only the … day.

a) other

b) last

c) recent

19   We should visit them one of … days.

a) those

b) these

c) that

20   She turned up at last minute and … the day.

a) hit

b) took

c) saved

21   She was slowly going … her mind with worry.

a) out of

b) past by

c) in to

22   You should … this in mind before you seriously think about changing jobs.

a) carry

b) bear

c) hold

23   I never heard such an outstanding performance – it simply … my mind.

a) split

b) blew

c) broke

24   He said simply that it had never … his mind.

a) travelled

b) found

c) crossed

25   I’m inclined to give them a … of my mind considering all the trouble they have done.

a) piece

b) section

c) slice

26   They say that great minds think … .

a) like

b) alike

c) similar

27   She has a one … mind as all she ever talks about is fashion.

a) track

b) path

c) road

28   I can’t decide. I’m really in … minds about it.

a) double

b) two

c) dual

29   It has completely … my mind.

a) slipped

b) glided

c) slid

30   She told me to mind my own … .

a) state

b) actions

c) business


1 c   2 c   3 b   4 a   5 b   6 a   7 b   8 b   9 c   10 a

11 c   12 b   13 a   14 b   15 c   16 b   17 c   18 a   19 b   20 c

21 a   22 b   23 b   24 c   25 a   26 b   27 a   28 b   29 a   30 c

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