Choose the correct answer.

1   Money, nor beauty, nor wealth, … brought happiness to everybody.

a) is

b) have

c) has

2   Each learner of a foreign language … a good dictionary.

a) needs

b) need

c) is

3   Uranus is an extremely cold planet, and … .

a) so has Neptune

b) so does Neptune

c) so is Neptune

4   Many embarrassing situations occur … a misunderstanding.

a) because of

b) because

c) of

5   The salary of a bus driver is higher … .

a) than a teacher

b) than that of a teacher

c) to compare as a teacher

6   They … at this school before they opened a private school.

a) were taught

b) had taught

c) taught

7   A laptop is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation … its capacity to store information.

a) the same

b) as well

c) as well as

8   I expect you to call me when it is necessary … an appointment.

a) to cancel

b) cancel

c) canceled

9   She has got two sisters. Both of them … married.

a) has

b) are

c) have

10   The captain as well as the passengers … frightened.

a) were

b) was

c) be

11   Do you have any contingency plan to … back on if this one fails?

a) fall

b) lean

c) come

12   He can look back on his career with great … .

a) satisfaction

b) satisfied

c) satisfactory

13   She couldn’t be present at the meeting as the date … with her holidays.

a) clashed

b) opposed

c) struck

14   He had become … to human distress after years as a doctor.

a) expert

b) hardened

c) unemotional

15   After the meeting, the staff went back to their … offices.

a) respected

b) respective

c) perspective

16   Mike was unhappy … his childhood.

a) for

b) while

c) during

17   My washing machine has … .

a) run down

b) gone out

c) broken down

18   Stopping racial … simply by legislation is impossible.

a) seclusion

b) prejudice

c) obsession

19   … every student passed the swimming test.

a) Next to

b) Near of

c) Nearly

20   Given the present crisis, it … be best to wait before making further wage demands.

a) should

b) might

c) seemed

21   Steve was … to steal the camera when he saw it lying on the table.

a) brought

b) dragged

c) tempted

22   Not only … visit Spain but they plan to stop off in Italy as well.

a) they plan to

b) will they

c) are they paying

23   … I ask him for the money he owes me, Brian says he will bring it in a few days.

a) Wherever

b) However

c) Whenever

24   We must tell you about our … when we first arrived in Italy.

a) incidents

b) events

c) experience

25   He was forced to get out of the city and had to … his family behind.

a) let

b) desert

c) leave

26   I managed to rescue a little boy from the burning house in the … of time.

a) wink

b) nick

c) tick

27   The traffic was very … and I got home earlier.

a) light

b) few

c) weak

28   She seems very quiet, but it would be a mistake to … her intelligence.

a) depreciate

b) underrate

c) devalue

29   This is a nice coat and the colour … you!

a) suits

b) fits

c) matches

30   She was furious after the argument and … out of the house.

a) hopped

b) trudged

c) stormed


1 c   2 a   3 c   4 a   5 b   6 b   7 c   8 a   9 b   10 b

11 a   12 a   13 a   14 b   15 b   16 c   17 c   18 b   19 c   20 a

21 c   22 b   23 c   24 c   25 c   26 b   27 a   28 b   29 a   30 c

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