Choose the correct answer.

 Many accidents in the home could be … if householders gave more thought to safety.

a) avoided

b) excluded

c) protected

 The sole child from the plane was nervous because he … before.

a) hasn’t flown

b) didn’t fly

c) hadn’t flown

 There’s a bus … ten minutes.

a) each

b) every

c) most

 Why were you so unfriendly … her?

a) of

b) for

c) to

 The story was really boring. It was … I’ve ever read.

a) the more boring story

b) the most boring story

c) most boring story

 The plane … down at Budapest on its way to China.

a) visited

b) touched

c) landed

7   Smoking is a bad habit. Many people find difficult to … it.

a) break

b) beat

c) cough

 It is a good idea to be … dressed when we go for an interview.

a) smartly

b) clearly

c) finely

 What time … on television?

a) is news

b) is the news

c) are the news

10   The traffic lights … to red.

a) shone

b) turned

c) exchanged

11   The nurse … a rare disease.

a) caught

b) took

c) infected

12   I phoned him to make an early … at the hairdresser’s.

a) order

b) date

c) appointment

13   It’s late It’s time … home.

a) going

b) to go

c) going

14   The pandemic began in China and from there it … to Europe.

a) carried

b) spread

c) spilled

15   I had to pay for the damage … the other car.

a) of

b) on

c) to

16   Brian … in Italy for three years. Now he lives in Spain.

a) has lived

b) living

c) had been living

17   We burst into loud … .

a) laughter

b) amusement

c) smiles

18   This old hospital is going to be … soon.

a) pulled down

b) run down

c) laid out

19   I’m thinking … a house.

a) to buy

b) of to buy

c) of buying

20   I can’t swim as well as … .

a) he is

b) him

c) he can

21   The show was long, but there were two … .

a) tests

b) intervals

c) gaps

22   It was impossible for me to tell the truth so I had to … a story.

a) lie

b) combine

c) invent

23   Faraday  … generator.

a) invented

b) invents

c) have invented

24   We’ve become … to the noise of the trains.

a) aware

b) familiar

c) accustomed

25   When I came to Britain, I had to get used … on the left.

a) drive

b) to driving

c) driving

26   I think all students … uniforms.

a) should wear

b) would rather wear

c) had better to wear

27   In spite of her protests, her mother … her train for the competition three hours a day.

a) made

b) caused

c) insisted

28   What a party! … enjoyed it!

a) Us all

b) We

c) Every

29   The curtains began to … after they had been hanging in the sun.

a) melt

b) fade

c) dissolve

30   Mike is a student at … .

a) school

b) university

c) class


1 a   2 c   3 b   4 c   5 b   6 b   7 a   8 a   9 b   10 b

11 a   12 c   13 b   14 b   15 c   16 a   17 a   18 a   19 c   20 b

21 b   22 c   23 a   24 c   25 b   26 a   27 a   28 b   29 b   30 b

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