Choose the correct answer.

 Don’t talk to him about politics because that’s like a … rag to a bull.

a) blue

b) red

c) white

2   She takes the optimistic view and talks about a … skies scenario.

a) blue

b) red

c) white

3   She hasn’t worked here very long and is therefore a little … on matters of procedure.

a) white

b) red

c) green

4   Now that they have read the document in …, they believe me.

a) white and black

b) red and blue

c) black and white

5   The reason why I feel so … today is because it’s my birthday and no-one has sent me any congratulations.

a) blue

b) white

c) red

6   He lost the company a lot of money and as a result has got a … mark against his name.

a) red

b) black

c) white

7   In this business you cannot afford to make any mistake and must be seen to be lily … .

a) red

b) white

c) green

8   As they turned round and ran away, people thought they were … .

a) yellow

b) black

c) red

9   As him to help you with your task because he’s … hot at literature.

a) white

b) green

c) red

10   I know she doesn’t like you because the moment you came in I saw her give you a … look.

a) white

b) black

c) green

11   She tend to forget things very quickly and behaves more and more like the typical … professor.

a) clear-minded

b) cool-minded

c) absent-minded

12   This is a very expensive holiday and it involves a trip … the world.

a) along

b) around

c) over

13   The car is almost ready to be collected from the garage. There are just a couple of spare … missing.

a) extras

b) pieces

c) parts

14   They were … of having broken into the stately home.

a) charged

b) accused

c) blamed

15   The one thing my family will remember about him was the many … of kindness that Steve showed us in his long life.

a) deeds

b) feats

c) acts

16   If you had bought a property about twenty years ago you would find that it had considerably … in value.

a) increased

b) developed

c) heightened

17   If you’re not careful they will start taking … of you.

a) part

b) prominence

c) advantage

18   There’s a huge … in the paper about the special offers.

a) notice

b) display

c) advertisement

19   The dog will jump up and show its great … for them.

a) affection

b) protection

c) infection

20   Some believe that the films on show today have created a generation of very … children.

a) afraid

b) fearful

c) frightened

21   There are no problems because I find those questions very … .

a) soft

b) easy

c) straight

22   Are you going … for your holidays this year?

a) abroad

b) absent

c) external

23   They … him for his brave actions.

a) praised

b) flattered

c) congratulated

24   She is very lucky to have got herself a … job.

a) banana

b) plum

c) apple

25   They … from the fire unhurt.

a) evaded

b) avoided

c) escaped

26   After some bell rings she suddenly … in the doorway.

a) looked

b) seemed

c) appeared

27   She never spoke about herself and was always very … about the good things she had done.

a) meek

b) modest

c) humble

28   Brian has lots of money and … three houses in the city.

a) occupies

b) holds

c) owns

29   One of his teeth is very … and will soon fall out.

a) loose

b) lost

c) lose

30   They worked hard all day without a … .

a) pause

b) break

c) breach


1 b   2 a   3 c   4 c   5 a   6 b   7 b   8 a   9 c   10 b

11 c   12 b   13 c   14 b   15 c   16 a   17 c   18 c   19 a   20 c

21 b   22 a   23 a   24 b   25 c   26 c   27 b   28 c   29 a   30 b

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