Choose the correct answer.

1   This castle is very old – it has stood the test of … .

a) duration

b) time

c) history

2   This treatment may be useful but we don’t know until we’ve … it to the test.

a) placed

b) put

c) struck

3   It’s a good idea to test the … first.

a) waters

b) rivers

c) springs

4   No-one knows whether she will succeed in her attempt. It’s a bit of a test … .

a) case

b) theme

c) example

5   Before you buy a car, you will be allowed to test … it first.

a) travel

b) conduct

c) drive

6   These are indeed … times for the government.

a) testing

b) tested

c) tester

7   He was one of the most experienced of the company’s test … .

a) drivers

b) pilots

c) travellers

8   The hero mixed something up in a test … and then drink it.

a) pipe

b) tube

c) glass

9   The engine had to be placed in a test … to make sure it worked.

a) hole

b) bed

c) centre

10   There is a coloured test … on the printer.

a) sheet

b) paper

c) card

11   He has got the kind of job that seems to keep her occupied all the time – 24-… .

a) 5

b) 7

c) 6

12   …, I couldn’t agree with you more.

a) Absolutely

b) Finally

c) Totally

13   It’s time to … the issue.

a) talk

b) speak

c) address

14   It’s difficult to say how many people were involved but I would say … 50.

a) around

b) across

c) into

15   It was one of those sights that you never forget it was … .

a) fine

b) awesome

c) interesting

16   I don’t know how much it will cost but I could give a … figure of 2 million euros.

a) ball place

b) ball field

c) ball park

17   I agree with what you say, but … .

a) simply

b) basically

c) wholly

18   You should fill in those forms on a weekly … .

a) basis

b) stand

c) base

19   I hope you will be patient and … with me a minute.

a) stay

b) bear

c) hold

20   He’s between a rock and a … place.

a) firm

b) soft

c) hard

21   Keep in mind that he’s likely to shout at you and lose his … .

a) cool

b) cold

c) ice

22   Unfortunately, there’s no hope for him now because he has lost his … and has gone completely crazy.

a) jewels

b) stones

c) marbles

23   She broke down in tears and lost her … .

a) sense

b) nerve

c) skill

24   She began to throw things round the room and it was clear he had just lost his … .

a) rag

b) cloth

c) cover

25   Despite his great age we realized that he hadn’t lost his … .

a) feeling

b) contact

c) touch

26   It seems they have lost the … of your argument.

a) thread

b) cord

c) string

27   We lost … because we didn’t get a fair agreement.

a) through

b) out

c) off

28   The acrobat lost his … and fell to the ground.

a) control

b) balance

c) sense

29   After a while I began to lose … in the story.

a) interest

b) thought

c) following

30   Try your luck! You have … to lose.

a) less

b) least

c) nothing


1 b   2 b   3 a   4 a   5 c   6 a   7 b   8 b   9 b   10 c

11 b   12 a   13 c   14 a   15 b   16 c   17 b   18 a   19 b   20 c

21 a   22 c   23 b   24 a   25 c   26 a   27 b   28 b   29 a   30 c

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