Choose the correct answer.

1   It’s time we … .

a) are going

b) go

c) went

2   I couldn’t follow a word you … .

a) will say

b) are saying

c) were saying

3   She asked me what I … doing there.

a) will be

b) did

c) was

4   I’ve just … that the price has gone up.

a) been told

b) was told

c) am told

5   Marry was annoyed that she … spoken to like that.

a) has been

b) was been

c) had been

6   I’ve just been … here that man has been released.

a) reading

b) read

c) reads

7   What … you do if they stopped you?

a) shall

b) would

c) do

8   Long … the King!

a) lived

b) living

c) live

9   If I get there early, I … you a seat.

a) do save

b) shall save

c) did save

10   When she is in town, she … listening to the birds.

a) miss

b) missing

c) misses

11   There you …! I wondered where you were.

a) were

b) are

c) be

12   She would help him if she … .

a) could

b) can

c) can’t

13   The candidate told them he … starting work the next day.

a) will be

b) would be

c) will have been

14   He had instructions that he … to leave the door unlocked.

a) was

b) will being

c) were

15   She refused to go until she … seen the pictures.

a) has

b) was

c) had

16   Don’t worry even if you make a mistake. If you …, it doesn’t matter.

a) done

b) do

c) will do

17   She … silly things like this!

a) will do

b) always did

c) is always doing

18   The man who … walking down the road then lives next door.

a) was

b) will be

c) is

19   I can’t understand why she … at you last night.

a) has shout

b) shout

c) shouted

20   Tell me what you … to do now.

a) will want

b) want

c) wanted

21   As we’ve got a lot of time to … before the car comes, let’s have a drink.

a) lose

b) kill

c) waste

22   If you criticize your wife in public, it can only be regarded as very … .

a) tactless

b) careless

c) casual

23   Last time when I saw him he was really out of … .

a) trend

b) order

c) sorts

24   She never worries about anything and has a happy … disposition.

a) go-lucky

b) tempered

c) disposed

25   I’m feeling under the … .

a) rain

b) weather

c) clouds

26   There’s an informative programme on the radio tonight on … affairs.

a) current

b) actual

c) factual

27   He published his books under a … .

a) acronym

b) pseudonym

c) homonym

28   She spoke the language in a regional … .

a) voice

b) jargon

c) dialect

29   I sometimes find that the … made by the advertisers are more interesting than the product.

a) commerce

b) comments

c) commercials

30   Don’t forget the … is on Sunday.

a) lifeline

b) deadline

c) sideline


1 c   2 c   3 c   4 a   5 c   6 a   7 b   8 c   9 b   10 c

11 b   12 a   13 b   14 c   15 c   16 b   17 c   18 a   19 c   20 b

21 b   22 a   23 c   24 a   25 b   26 a   27 b   28 c   29 c   30 b

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