Choose the correct answer.

1   Girls smoke almost … boys in many cities.

a) as much as

b) as long as

c) as soon as

2   He told her that he would take her to the circus the following week … she got a good mark.

a) as good as

b) as much as

c) as long as

3   You need to go to the hospital … possible.

a) as good as

b) as long as

c) as soon as

4   She failed her exams. She is … dead when her parents see her report card.

a) as much as

b) as good as

c) as long as

5   I bet you don’t like me … I like you.

a) as soon as

b) as good as

c) as much as

6   She will accept your proposal … you promise to take care of her.

a) as long as

b) as good as

c) as soon as

7   Rampant corruption will continue to happen … the government continues to deny that the problem exists.

a) as long as

b) as soon as

c) as good as

8   Many men love watching football twice … their women.

a) as good as

b) as long as

c) as much as

9   Many think that the army should withdraw from that country … possible.

a) as good as

b) as soon as

c) as long as

10   A wise man said that a change is almost … a holiday.

a) as long as

b) as much as

c) as good as

11   I had to keep him home from school because he had a … of 38 degrees.

a) fever

b) temperature

c) warmth

12   When I was in Spain last year I … at a marvelous hotel.

a) lived

b) rented

c) stayed

13   I usually … up at 8 am every morning.

a) rise

b) awake

c) get

14   I … see the manager, please.

a) want to

b) like to

c) wish

15   I thought she said she … spend the weekend with her parents.

a) is

b) will

c) was going to

16   She was wondering if you can … her to play the piano?

a) learn

b) teach

c) assist

17   Would you … this letter to the Post Office?

a) take

b) retrieve

c) fetch

18   I hate doing the … – especially cleaning the floor.

a) housework

b) jobs

c) groundwork

19   She got married … years ago.

a) for three

b) three

c) at three

20   I haven’t … today.

a) done my lesson

b) read my lesson

c) done my homework

21   His father’s … came as great shock.

a) die

b) death

c) dead

22   They … last week.

a) married

b) marry

c) got married

23   Their poor old dog is … . They’ve had him for ten years. It sleeps all day long.

a) dying

b) dead

c) death

24   The girl screamed when she saw the … body.

a) die

b) death

c) dead

25   We had a lovely … in a small country church.

a) wedding

b) marriage

c) reception

26   A … will be held for the victims.

a) funeral

b) burial

c) memorial service

27   She is planning to … with Mike.

a) elope

b) engage

c) marry

28   Sterility is not adequate grounds for divorce or … in some states.

a) annulment

b) nuptials

c) marriage

29   Marriage ceremonies should take place … 6 am and 10 pm.

a) after

b) during

c) between

30   Her body was laid to rest in a beautiful cedar … adorned with flowers.

a) wreath

b) casket

c) morgue


1 a   2 c   3 c   4 b   5 c   6 a   7 a   8 c   9 b   10 c

11 b   12 c   13 c   14 a   15 c   16 b   17 a   18 a   19 b   20 c

21 b   22 c   23 a   24 c   25 a   26 c   27 a   28 a   29 c   30 b

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