Choose the correct answer.

 Humid climate:

a) moist

b) frigid

c) perilous

 Her father won’t … her drive his car.

a) allow

b) let

c) permit

 Will they be able to … all their financial difficulties?

a) dismiss

b) overtake

c) overcome

 Although blood … a residue in urine and stool, it cannot be detected without a microscope.

a) lets

b) leaves

c) leave

 Choose the synonym of “innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt”.

a) lack of certainty

b) lack of freedom

c) lack of vision

 My house is … at the corner of the street.

a) placed

b) stood

c) situated

 They saw the plane crash into the lake when its engines … .

a) stood

b) failed

c) held

 What will I do if no one … me at the airport?

a) meets

b) met

c) will meet

 Eliminate a problem:

a) perceive

b) aggravate

c) wipe out

10   Professionals who serve … deserve at least 20 percent tip.

a) courteously

b) with courtesy in their manner

c) in a courteous manner

11   Rarely do we get … an intelligent student as you.

a) as

b) such

c) too

12   The screen monitor is responsible … these colours.

a) with

b) about

c) for

13   Olive promised to write … I never heard from her again.

a) but

b) because

c) except

14   It took me a few hours to … the paper off the wall.

a) paste

b) scrape

c) chip

15   This is the second time I … such a difficult exercise.

a) do

b) did

c) have done

16   He … out of the house as fast as his leg would carry him.

a) dashed

b) ambled

c) plunged

17   In addition … doing the cleaning, I make the coffee.

a) on

b) to

c) with

18   I hope this backache … soon.

a) goes out

b) comes away

c) wears off

19   I couldn’t make my son … hard.

a) work

b) to work

c) working

20   My house is going to be knocked … when the store is built.

a) down

b) away

c) off

21   I prefer fish … meat.

a) over

b) than

c) to

22   She earned her money by developing a travel … .

a) shop

b) business

c) affair

23   I didn’t hear you … in.

a) to come

b) come

c) all are wrong

24   They gave me a form and told me to … .

a) fill in

b) fill it into

c) fill in it

25   … a hotel, I looked for somewhere to have dinner.

a) Found

b) Find

c) Having found

26   You should keep a box of matches … in case you need it.

a) handy

b) by hand

c) in touch

27   It depends … the traffic.

a) from

b) on

c) for

28   … she is studying at a famous university.

a) At present

b) In a moment

c) In the present

29   I … 5 English grammar books by the end of this year.

a) will write

b) will have written

c) will wrote

30   I went to that museum … some famous pictures.

a) to see to

b) to visit

c) to look at


1 a   2 b   3 c   4 b   5 a   6 c   7 b   8 a   9 c   10 a

11 b   12 c   13 a   14 b   15 c   16 a   17 b   18 c   19 a   20 a

21 c   22 b   23 b   24 a   25 c   26 a   27 b   28 a   29 b   30 c

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